Monday, April 14, 2008

New Look For Front Porch

Yesterday, my hubbie and I went to the Buddhist temple to pay respects to his mother who is deceased. As we turned out of the temple's driveway, I asked him to drive in the opposite direction than we normally take b/c I wanted to check out the cute homes in the area. As we were puttering down the street, low and behold, I spotted several totally cute chairs that someone had put out near the sidewalk for bulk pick-up.

Immediately, I asked him to turn the car around b/c I wanted to take a look at the chairs. They were so cute and vintage. My hubbie's trusty old Suzuki Aereo car was able to fit all 3 chairs in the back. It's like Santa's red sack---it can hold a ton of stuff.

Anyway, took them home and found the perfect spot for the adorable light cream chair right on my front porch. I put some pillows that I had picked up from Walmart awhile ago and voila! I spent the day sitting out on my porch reading a book and sipping my bubbly water. I'm in heaven.

My vintage craze comes in handy. I can smell something cute and vintage a mile away.

The other pic shows a cute metal bird atrium thingy that I had spray painted Robin's Birds Blue and put a potted pink spotted plant I got from Home Depot. The other shot shows the other 2 cute low to the ground chairs with lots of paint peeling. LOvE them! ;)


joonbeam said...

Hi Stacy! Just came to your blog for the first time. I love your chair finds! So jealous. Not to mention the living in Hawaii dream. Then I read your profile - Moonstruck!? Did you read my post about it on CAD? Too much! Thanks for your kind compliments about Scout's work. She'll be thrilled. (She keeps quoting Nicolas Cage lines from Moonstruck. She's killing us. So funny.)

I love your jewelry - all of it. So glad you had some sales. That always feels so great and keeps us going. Mine have slumped in April. Oh well. We can't control the recession! I'll be back. Hope you visit my blog, too. I think we have a lot in common. ox joon

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Joon, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, I'm so pleased with my vintage chair finds. Love the one on my porch. Moonstruck has always been one of my fav movies. So comical and witty with almost over the top characters. Recycling--I'm going to try and do something with a tin can. Thinking of using it as a backing for solder art---which I've only just begun to do.;)


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