Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Husband is a Terrific Cook & Baker

Yesterday, before I started making my Red Velvet Cake (see posting below on this), my hubbie made ScOneS from ScrAtcH...yes, he's as crazy as I am. My husband likes to experiment with food and try new things, more so than me. After eating some Apricot scones from our local neighborhood bakery, Liliha Bakery, (which has not only delicious pastries but a super vintage still running diner with great & simple diner food) which were scrumptious and flaky---the way we like them. he decided to try his hand at some of his own homemade scones.

I don't know which recipe he used but I believed it was from his Bread Bible book. Anyhoo, he added dried blueberries that he got from Sam's Club in those killer massive bags. They were delish! He made a whole batch for his office as they were having a morning meeting. So, he took along some honey, butter, and some jam to go with the warm scones. He told me that the men in his office didn't take any of the scones prior to the meeting...it just sat there. But once the meeting was over, "boom" all the scones were Gone! How's that?

I ate my hubbie's scone---it was hot and ever so yummy. Ohhhh, I poured some local honey over them and put a dab of butter...heaven. Here's a photo of his scones. I hope he makes them again.

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