Friday, April 12, 2013

My Super 7 Melody's Stone Sterling Silver Wide Band Ring

Just completed putting the final touches on my Super 7 Melody's Stone Sterling Silver Wide Band Ring. I've been wearing it ever since. Can't stop staring at it.  Experiencing that "parrot attracted to shiny object" syndrome.But, it's Gorgeous!

I put 2 layers of Sterling Silver for the base of the ring to give it more interest. Added small beading around the bezel's base. Put 2 petite Gold Filled Rivets above and below the Super 7. On the wide ring band, I free hand engraved the words "Faith" and "Believe".  Lastly, I oxidized the ring a deep black and then polished it back to silver but left areas Gray/Black for that grunge look and to make everything "pop".  I prefer this look to bright "silver silver".

I'm going to make more rings. When I'm comfortable (and when I have enough rings..but who can have enuf?), I'll list some for sale in my Etsy Shop... Stacy's Designs 88.


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