Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sale Sale Sale Happening in my Shop Now...Check it out

Hi all! To celebrate Easter and the deadline for Taxes (Booo! or Yayyy if you're getting a Refund :) ), I'm having a Sale Sale Sale in my Etsy shop....Stacy's Designs 88. Please check it out as I've put a lot of jewelry on sale at Great Savings to you.

Also, shipping is only a flat fee of $3 (USA or Canada) no matter how many pieces you buy. All your jewelry will be beautifully boxed. Getting a tax refund? Treat yourself now and get a little present from yourself in the mail.

Here are some lovelies that are on sale now.

Sale ends this Saturday, April 18th at 12 midnight Hawaii time. Don't miss out!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Katie's Custom Bridal Jewelry Order for Herself as well as her 7 Lucky Bridesmaids

...just for Katie...
and her 7 lucky bridesmaids!

My newest custom order Bride Katie wanted something special for her 7 lucky bridesmaids as well as herself for her Wedding which is on May 5th. From my "Something Old Something New" line in my Etsy shop---Stacy's Designs 88, Katie wanted 7 pairs of earrings, each one different and unique and special for each of her 7 Bridesmaids. I did just that for her using my Vintage glass chandelier pieces ("yes" the ones from those old romantic chandeliers hanging from the ceilings), Fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals and Sterling silver.

For herself, Katie loved my I'm In Love White Topaz Chandelier earrings but was concerned about the weight of these earrings as she had one earring hole which was slightly stretched.

Katie's "Love Always" Bridal Chandelier Earrings
A Cascade of Swarovski Crystals & Fresh Water Pearls

In trying to find a solution to her stretched earring hole, we came across these products "Lobe Wonder" and "Ear Lift" which were found on If you're interested, check out the Customer Reviews for both products.

Katie emailed me a picture of her bridal jewelry inspiration and told me she wanted to have fresh water pearls and clear Swarovski crystals in her jewelry. We worked together on different designs until she was happy.

After a series of Conversations via Email, I created a long Gorgeous pair of Sterling silver chandelier earrings using Swarovski pendant shaped clear crystals, Fresh Water Pearls, and sterling silver stardust balls. She wanted the earrings to have a somewhat "diamond" shape to them and that's what I created. They look stunning!

Katie wanted a 1 1/2 inch wide bridal bracelet to match. So, I created this 5 strand Bridal Bracelet using all Fresh Water Pearl, Swarovski crystals, and sterling silver stardust balls. The earrings and the bracelet together are quite elegant. I was very pleased with the pair. I hope Katie Loves them too.

Katie's Matching Bridal Jewelry Set
"Love Always"

After I create the jewelry for my brides, I am not done. Uh huh. No way. Now a new fun begins. I love to create a jewelry box for the bridal jewelry and also a special "Thank You" card just for my Bride using her bridal colors. For Katie, her bridal colors are the and white in modern & graphic damask. I decorated her jewelry boxes with that in mind. Also, I made a special "thank you" tag just for Katie using my Close To My Heart acrylic stamps, my trusty glitter, rhinestones, and vintage red ribbon.

Isn't Love Grand?
Congratulations Katie!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jimmy's Favorite Dish...Ina Garten's Chicken Stew with Bisquits

I'm a Super Huge fan of Ina Garten, aka the "Barefoot Contessa"

"Yes", I'm an Ina Garten fan and I'm proud of it. This woman can cook. Her recipes are spot on. If you follow her recipes, you'll never be disappointed. I have all of her cookbooks and have tried many of her recipes. In my cookbooks, I have all these notes all over dating when I first tried it, what I thought of the recipe, things I added, little notes to myself so I'll remember next time. Her Chicken Stew with Bisquits, or what I call Chicken Pot Pie, is Jimmy's favorite. I first made it for him when we were dating. After he ate it, he said to me "when can we get married?" If you like chicken pot pie, this recipe is THAT good...and quite simple to make, really. Just follow the recipe.

I use Frozen Mixed Veges and cube up some Potatoes on my own

The "stew" is super easy to make. Just throw in everything.
I use store bought pre Roasted Chicken to save time.
You can't beat a $5 roasted chicken from Costco.
So moist and ready to shred.

Since Jimmy is the Bread Man...he loves to make anything with flour...
the Bisquit making is his domain.
But I used to do it before him.
Don't get put off, these bisquits are simple to make.
Or try using those pre made dough in your store's freezer section.

The dough is so simple to make. Just roll it out...

And cut out your bisquits.
If you don't have a bisquit cutter,
then just use the bottom of a mug or glass and trace the circle with a knife.

Put your stew in a pan and then layer on your bisquits.
Dab a bit of melted butter on top to get that golden brown color.

Ta Da! I swear, your family is going to love this.
And it's super EZ to make.
(I was going to say" it's Quick to make" but I think Quick to me may not be Quick to you.)

My Barefoot Contessa cookbook with my scribblings.
The potatoes was a new thing that I just decided to add in bc I'm a potato lover.

Want to try it? Here's her recipe online on the Food HERE. Try it tonight and tell me what you think.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sweet Sixteen Party Favors

Cute Little Asian Fans as Party Favors
for Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

My friend asked me to add my special touch to some fans that he bought as party favors for a Sweet Sixteen Birthday party. So, I took out my pixie magic dust and got to work.

The Butterfly Card Tag

Using my Close To My Heart Butterfly stamps, I created these pretty little tags which I attached to the fans. Each of the guests' names can be written on the front and a little "Thank You" note can be written on the back.

The Darling Fan

On each fan, I tied them with a pretty satin trimmed ribbon and then attached silk flowers. I think the whole piece came out super cute...perfect for a Sweet Sixteen party!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Vintage Miriam Haskell Treasures of my Grandmother's

My Grandmother Suzuki's
Vintage Jewelry that I treasure

I often think about my Grandma Suzuki. My nickname for her was "Grams"as I was very close to her. I remember and will never forget how she would hug me close to her, that smell of her signature perfume, and how she always made sure that her hair was perfectly coifed, her face always pretty, and herself always nicely dressed. She was the best cook and always made sure that we were more than just fed. Her food was her love.

Recently, my mom and I visited my grandparents' grave in Kaneohe. We placed tropical red and pink ginger and ti leaves in their vases. I stood there and gazed at their gorgeous view of Kaneohe Bay and from that spot I saw my mom's house on the hill. We looked at their gravestone and calculated their ages. They both lived a long life passing away in their late 80's.

Miriam Haskell's baroque shaped faux pearl necklace and
mini rhinestones in between the pearls

When my Grams passed away, I still remember sitting on her bed which was filled with her belongings. My aunts were cleaning out her room and passing along her belongings to all of us. On her bed, what was left after my aunts had taken what they wanted were numerous scarves and my Gram's costume jewelry. I gathered up all her scarves, as like my Grams, I have a thing for scarves. I put them to my nose and inhaled her perfume.

I opened up the numerous boxes and looked at her jewelry. A large black expensive looking box was there amongst everything else. My aunts must've left it behind bc it wasn't "real" jewelry. But as I opened up the hinged box and found this absolutely stunning vintage Miriam Haskell necklace, I realized that they had left behind a real gem. You can't find this quality, detail, or romance anymore in the new commercial jewelry.

I believe that this Miriam Haskell necklace was meant to end up in my hands as it has led to my Love, appreciation, and fascination with the beauty of vintage jewelry and other things of the past. Whenever I look at this necklace, I feel Happy as it reminds me of my Grams. I can still hear her voice in my head, see her cooking away in her kitchen and turning to me and smiling.

Happy days from a happy childhood.

Other little treasures that found me
My Grams' "Service" pin
and vintage French perfume Crescendo by Lanvin

With my fascination with Miriam Haskell jewelry, I've acquired Vintage jewelry components which were used by Miriam Haskell to create their wonderful jewelry and I've created jewelry from them. Please check out my Etsy shops Stacy's Designs 88 and Blue Lovebirds for pieces using Miriam Haskell components.


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