Monday, February 6, 2012

Introducing Stella...Our Little Puppy Gal

Stella, her first day home. In our yard.

Stella playing with her Ball....Day 1.
Stella getting close to Dad.
Stella...taking a little snooze.

Introducing our new little addition to Our Family...Stella.

She's now going on 11 weeks old...2 months and 3 weeks young. Stella is a minature Pincher (3/4) and Terrier (1/4) mix.

For the last 2 weeks, Jimmy and I having been trying to get a good schedule for Stella as well as ourselves. Everyday is a different day.

Our veterinarian  recommended this Dr. Sophia Yin's training method... see her Blog Here.

And we purchased her Puppy Training book HERE.

I'm going to purchase this other book of hers next...see HERE.

We're going on week 3 with Stella in our home. I think the most difficult thing has been me getting used to being on a schedule at home. Normally, I'm without a set schedule and do what I want to do when I want to do it. But now, in order to give Stella a structured environment..since pets, like children, need structure and are their best in a structured environment.... I have been "training" myself to live on a structured schedule. The first week with her was the hardest so far. Everything was new to both her as well as Jimmy and myself, not to mention Tobey our Lovebird.

Stella already has learned to "sit" .... sorta on command.  There are times when she's distracted and won't do it on command..but I'm sure that'll improve as she matures. She's pretty good at telling us when she needs to go out to use the Bathroom. And, I try to take her out every 1 1/2 hours and after she plays, eats, wakes up from a nap or sleep.  Yes, like babies, they use the bathroom a lot. Please..I would too if I had such a small bladder. :)

It's interesting how far society has come that now we realize that the Best way to train your pet Puppy is to use Rewards and Praise and Repeat Repeat Repeat it over and over again.  I always think of it like Stella is in a foreign land where she doesn't understand our language and we don't understand hers...yet.

I'm glad that now the New method of Puppy training is to NEVER use punishment, Never Yell, Never spank or Hurt and other such other old fashioned mistaken nonsense.  I never did such things with our other dogs but I know that this was the old school style for many other folks. Super glad that it's now in books as a big "No No".  Yayyy!

Jimmy and I know that she's a "baby" and that she needs lots of love and attention yet structure and we try every day....and everyday we learn something new about raising a puppy and about ourselves.

Welcome to our's filled with smiles and at times aggravation and other times with lots of sloppy licks and kisses. ♥


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