Monday, July 13, 2009

My First Quilt Ever...And I Did Free Form Stitching to Boot!

UPDATE (10-1-09): Here's Ethan laying out on his new Amy Butler Quilt.

I'm in the progress of creating my 1st ever's a Baby Quilt for my little nephew Ethan. I picked up some terrific Amy Butler Fat Eighths fabric from Star Lit Nest on Etsy.

My friend Laurie helped me create the pattern and gave me step by step instructions on how to make this quilt. Today, I pinned the 3 layers of fabric and batting together using a LOT of safety pins...about 4 inches apart, starting from the center and working my way outwards. I first pinned the "back" side with the green ducks and then flipped it over and pinned the Front side with the Butler fabric. I did this to make sure that the backside fabric was flat and not rumpled. I wouldn't want to start my stitching on the Front only to have the Backside fabric be loose and weird looking.

The Quilt Pattern Layout...on the floor

After watching several You Tube videos on How to do Free Form Stitching, I felt confident in doing it myself on my 1st quilt. So, I just jumped head in and started sewing. It was pretty easy after the first minute or so. You can pick up the rhythm and motion pretty quickly. Start from the Center of your quilt and then stitch outward. You just have to think "doodling" and let your mind go while you're doing it so that the curves are round and flowing.

Check out my video of me Free Form Stitching. I'll post an update later when this baby quilt is done. Almost there...Yayyyyy!

It's Never Too Late for Fireworks...Reminiscing about 4th of July 2009

It's a little late but never Too late for FIREWORKS!!! especially from Hawaii. My family and I celebrated the 4th of July out in Waikiki near the Natatorium at the San Souci Beach. Jimmy video'd the ending part of the fireworks....spectacular! check it out....

Vintage Finds at Local Estate Sale

My newest find at an Estate Sale...Yay!
A close-up of the needle work.

Picture No. 1
This one came as a cute

Isn't this little bear so cute?

I just had to adopt this cutie.

Here's the 2nd framed Bird Piece

A Happy pair of Bears in their New home ♥

This weekend, a friend told me about this terrific Estate sale. Jimmy and I couldn't pass this one up. The house was gorgeous...should've took photos. There were so many neat things. This is just the "tip" of the iceberg of the treasures I found.

This pair of framed needlework yellow birds was my Last find and I kept staring at them wondering where I would put them. I realized that I couldn't walk away from these cutie birds or else I would always regret it. You ever get that feeling where you know if you don't get it it'll bother you for a LONG time? I get those feelings and it normally causes me to linger and ponder. Then, I realize that if I don't get them I'll be kicking myself. So, after some hesitation and hemming and hawing, I got them. They are now in our room...Jimmy doesn't know that I hung them there yet. I'm thinking of giving the frame a white pickled type of coat.

Now the bears I just snatched up as soon as I saw them. The lady who used to have them passed away during New Years time and she was a textile professor. She had collected a lot of things. Bears, birds, and cats were some of her collection themes. I just thought these 2 bears were so adorable. I couldn't believe that the calico looking one was knitted together.

I also picked up some boxes of lovely vintage Xmas ornaments, black lace, beads, vintage knitting booklets, vintage sewing supplies. Jimmy found a gorgeous south western blanket and piece of woven fabric, a lovely vintage mother of pearl handled pocket knife and some brass pots. I haven't gone garage/estate sale shopping in awhile so this was Fun!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bon Dance in Our Neighborhood

Japanese Latterns Light Up the Night

Next time, we're going to Dance

The Community Had a Blast

A Night to Remember

Jimmy and I walked to our neighborhood Hongwanji, the Honpa Buddhist Temple for the annual Bon Dance. We were able to grab a bite to eat of teriyaki sticks, corn on the cob, and saimin. Yummy! Too bad they ran out of chili. It was such a festive occasion and everyone was having fun. If your local temple is having a Bon Dance, you should definitely check it out bc you'll definitely have fun. A great way to celebrate the Summer.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome---My New Blog Look! Courtesy of Amy of Beansprout Studio

I'm so Thrilled. I finally got the new blog look that I was wishing for. Thanks and kudos go out to Amy of Beansprout Studio for my brand spanking new Blog Banner. Amy went the extra mile and even loaded it into my blog for me. Thanks Amy!

Please visit Amy's terrific Etsy shop... Beansprout Studio...for exceptional Shop banners, Business Cards, Mommy Calling Cards, Birthday Invitations, Birth Announcements and much much more.

I've worked with Amy on numerous business projects. Amy designed all 3 of my Etsy shop Banners. Also, she designed my Etsy Business card and my Real Estate Business card. Our latest collaboration is a exceptional brochure....LoVed it!

She is an excellent graphic artist, EZ communicator, extremely patient and willing to make changes, Quick and Quality work...I LoVe her "eye". ♥♥

*Visit her Etsy shop...Beansprout Studio
*and her Original shop...Modern Elements
*Visit her Blog...Beansprout Studio, the Blog
*View some of her work

Thank you, Mahalo, Amy!


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some Etsy Finds...Cute Fabric Creations

Gurley's Goods'
IPhone Custom Case

I thought this faux mod wood fabric design was so hip! What a mod way of protecting your IPhone. Devin also sells other similar items for your ITouch and other accessories.

QT Creations'

When I worked in an office setting, I always used to have to either shove my tampons or napkins in my pockets or wrap them in something as I walked unassumingly from my office to the bathroom. This is a pretty and organized way to keep these in one place and a great way to just carry them to the bathroom without any "hiding" necessary.

Sweet Pea Lotus'
Olive Lacework Handbag

Ok, I'm an Amy Butler freak. So, when I came across this gorgeous bag design with this mod fabric pattern, I had to check it out. The flower applique is such a gorgeous touch to this purse.

In My Backyard's
Bird on the Line Hand Painted Zippered Pouch

As a sucker for all things with birds on them, I thought that this hand painted little pouch was super cute. I love pouches bc you can use them to hold just your necessities like money, ID, and keys when you want to do a quick errand. Who needs to lug around their big purse with every survival item in it when they only want to buy a cup of coffee?

My s-in-law Sarah is a Russian Nesting Doll collector. I thought this was a super cute all purpose dump bag to carry around and be stylish at the same time.


I was just bopping around Etsy looking for some Neat Handmade Fabric purses and other accessories that are useful and pretty. I came across these fab Etsy Shops with super cute creations and thought I'd share them with you. Have fun!


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