Saturday, July 4, 2009

Some Etsy Finds...Cute Fabric Creations

Gurley's Goods'
IPhone Custom Case

I thought this faux mod wood fabric design was so hip! What a mod way of protecting your IPhone. Devin also sells other similar items for your ITouch and other accessories.

QT Creations'

When I worked in an office setting, I always used to have to either shove my tampons or napkins in my pockets or wrap them in something as I walked unassumingly from my office to the bathroom. This is a pretty and organized way to keep these in one place and a great way to just carry them to the bathroom without any "hiding" necessary.

Sweet Pea Lotus'
Olive Lacework Handbag

Ok, I'm an Amy Butler freak. So, when I came across this gorgeous bag design with this mod fabric pattern, I had to check it out. The flower applique is such a gorgeous touch to this purse.

In My Backyard's
Bird on the Line Hand Painted Zippered Pouch

As a sucker for all things with birds on them, I thought that this hand painted little pouch was super cute. I love pouches bc you can use them to hold just your necessities like money, ID, and keys when you want to do a quick errand. Who needs to lug around their big purse with every survival item in it when they only want to buy a cup of coffee?

My s-in-law Sarah is a Russian Nesting Doll collector. I thought this was a super cute all purpose dump bag to carry around and be stylish at the same time.


I was just bopping around Etsy looking for some Neat Handmade Fabric purses and other accessories that are useful and pretty. I came across these fab Etsy Shops with super cute creations and thought I'd share them with you. Have fun!


Lynne said...

OMG! I just read your last post! Have you forgotten EVERYTHING you read and saw these past few years?!?!? Did you learn nothing from all those 252s?? You know, like, hmmm, I don't know, bring mace when you go walking rather than a camera?!?! Good grief! On a lighter note, I LOVE Amy Butler material! Kaimuki Dry Goods just got in a whole new shipment of her latest line! Yummy!! I'm feeling a new quilt or apron coming on!! : ) Be healthy and be safe!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Hey, at least I can capture the "crime" in action. Makes it EZ for ID. Gotta check out Kaimuki Dry Goods. Thanks for the tip. Take care. :)


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