Thursday, February 28, 2008

Taking Photos

Day 2----Fussing with Photos

Think positive thoughts...think positive thoughts...think posit----oh heXX! I must admit that I'm an impatient photographer who doesn't have a real light box with those cool little lights. I got up at 7:40am to take some photos using the early morning lite and who knows if the photos will come out good. It's kinda overcast today. On my camera's screen, it looks kinda dark. Now, I gotta do Photoshop and clean it all up. Welcome to the world of selling on the internet.

I'm going to save this post and Photoshop some photos and then post them. You all can be the judge. [Time out.]

Okay, here it is the photo above. Took it this morning. I definitely think I have to start using lights to cut the gray background and add hi-lites. Ohh boy.

The ongoing saga of the crazed shop owner...check back. By the by, my shop can be found here:

Please stop by my shop and have fun!


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Day Number One--the Birth of My Blog

Dawn of a new day. This is my first entry...and hopefully there will be more interesting ones to come. Once I get my groove going...

The Hope:
I've been hearing about blogging allover the place and checked out some pretty neat blog sites. I wondered if I could do it. I hoped it would be easy and I wouldn't be boring. I hoped that it would open up something inside of me and that something "good" would pour out. I wanted to share my thoughts, my creations, and my dreams with others. It's so amazing when someone convos you and they're half way around the world. It's like virtual pen pal buddies.

The Immaculate Conception:
After reading many forum threads about blogging, I decided to do something about it and get started. Once I get an idea in my head, I just go for it. It adds excitement to my life...and hopefully my husband's too. For creative inspiration and motivation, I went out and bought the expensive $14.99 "Artful Bloggin"magazine by Somerset Studio from Border's---couldn't use the 40% coupon b/c this is a "periodical"---hoo boy! Anyway I digress, the mag was fab! Love the photos, the colors, the ideas---talk about inspiration!

The Birth:
Ok, I finally did it. I set up my very first blog site. After reading about it in forums, I decided to do it tonite---not tomorrow or the next day, etc. You get the picture. People were saying that it would only take 1 hour or less. They were right!

Post Partem Jubilation?:
Well, I'm going to post new things every couple of days or so to my site. I'll be showing my jewelry that I sell on Etsy and other creations.


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