Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cover Your Packages to Mail Using Recycled Brown Paper Bags with Your Special Touch

I'm mailing out some books to my cousin and a friend. I used Brown Paper Bags that you get your groceries in to wrap the boxes up. (And, now since I bring my own Market Bags to the store, I'm running low on these brown bags at home.) Here's a simple quick and EZ tutorial on how to mail your packages out in style...your style that is. Have fun!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Jennifer's Bridesmaids Jewelry...and One for Herself :)

7 Moonlight Sonata Necklaces with Long 7 Inch Extender Chains
Lucky Bridesmaids

The Two (2) Strand Moonlight Sonata Necklace
A lovely necklace for you and your Bridesmaids to wear

The Long & Sexy 7 Inch Extender Chain in back
With Matching Swarovski Crystal Pendant

All wrapped up and ready to box

Decorated Jewelry Boxes in Her Bridal Colors
Ready for Gift Giving

My newest bride customer, Jennifer, ordered 7 sets of my Moonlight Sonata 2 Two strand Swarovski Crystal Necklaces with a Long & Sexy 7 Inch Extender Chain in the back. She specially requested the long extender chain and I was happy to oblige. My brides always come up with the best ideas. And, I always aim to please. ♥

Just LoVe the way the turned out.

I take great pleasure in ensuring that All my brides are HaPpY from their Jewelry, to their Gift Boxes. I work with my brides to give them what they desire in the way of jewelry. Lots of times this involves me researching for new supplies or working with the bride on their special jewelry design. After creating their jewelry, I also take the time to beautifully decorate their jewelry boxes in my bride's colors. This is my Bride's special day and I want her to be Happy.

Right now in my shops, if your total jewelry order is at least $250, you will get 10% off your entire order. Brides, this is the best time to get all your Bridal jewelry for your bridesmaids, your flower girls, your Mothers, and don't forget wear to your Engagement photo shoot, your Bridal Showers, your Rehearsal Reception, your Wedding Day, and on your Honeymoon. This is your time and it should be a joyful and memorable one.

Please, come and visit me and my 3 Etsy shops... Stacy's Designs 88, Blue Lovebirds, and Lilikoi Cottage.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Paper Rose Tag

I love tissue paper, tulle, and ribbons. I can't throw even my scraps away. In less than 10 minutes, I created this lovely tag using a tissue paper rose created from scrap yellow and pink tissues, glued on scrap piece of tulle underneath on a stamped tag using my Close To My Heart acrylic stamps and inks. Attached a scrap piece of silk ribbon to the end and glue gunned on a cute white button. Tah dah!

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Monday, February 8, 2010

Roasting Tomatoes...Super EZ and Super Delicious!

Jimmy and I attended an at home cooking class at our friend Laurie's house. Our Cooking instructor was Aline Steiner of "A Table Hawaii". Aline is a Excellent Chef who specializes in being your Personal Chef. She goes to your home and prepares your meals. She also does at home catered affairs and at home Cooking classes.  We LoVe Aline!  From a Terrific Menu, we worked with Aline, side by side, on each dish. One of them was Roasted Tomatoes A La Caprese. Here's a short version of what we did.  Slice ripe tomatoes in half. Deseed tomatoes using want to remove as much liquid from them before roasting bc liquid will ooze out during roasting.  You want to be roasting and not boiling tomatoes. Roasting Good. Boiling Bad. Drizzle with olive oil. Sprinkle with powdered sugar to aid in carmelizing the tomatoes, sprinkle with a lot of salt, add Garlic slices and spices of your choice...we used Herbs of Provence. Roast in Oven at 425 degress. When they're done, let them cool a little. Plate them, add chopped Basil, and slivers of Manchego cheese or whatever cheese you prefer. We added a balsamic vinaigrette.  Loved the way they tasted. EZ PZ. Yummy for your Tummy!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

My June Wedding Bride...Bridesmaids' Gifts Personalized Just for Her

Gemstone Jewelry
This season's Perfect "Bridesmaid" Gift
Always Classic and Timeless

Me modeling the Green Grass Necklace

"Green Grass"
Tourmaline Gemstone and Sterling Silver Necklaces

The Bridesmaids' Jewelry Boxes
decorated in Amy Butler paper, grossgrain ribbon
and vintage posie bouquets ties in satin ribbon
Ready for Gift Giving

I LoVe working with my Brides and creating the jewelry they always wanted for themselves and their bridesmaids and flower girls. Custom Orders for Weddings is one of my specialties.

I've always had a special place in my heart for Weddings. When I was in high school and college, I worked in my aunt's bakery in Kailua called "Craig's Bakery" and decorated cakes. I was their weekend cake decorator. One of my favorite cakes to decorate was the Wedding Cake. I could express myself with just a bag of frosting, spray gun, and accessories. I always took pride and great enjoyment in creating gorgeous tiered wedding cakes for the bride and groom. I knew how important their Wedding Cake meant to them. From decorating Wedding Cakes, I guess it was just natural for me to LoVe creating jewelry for my Brides.

Recently, one of my new Bride's wanted necklaces for her bridesmaids in gemstones. Her bridal colors were green, cream, and white. She initially contacted me thru my Etsy Shop Stacy's Designs 88 enquiring about my Calm Waters necklace. After conversing with her, I created what I named my "Green Grass" Tourmaline Rondelle Gemstone Necklaces just for her bridesmaids. She Loved it so much she wanted an extra one for herself. It always makes me HaPpY when my brides are HaPpY.

In keeping with her bridal colors, I decorated her bridesmaids' jewelry boxes. Lovely Amy Butler paper adorned the tops of the box, along with cream grossgrain ribbon and a little bouquet of vintage posies ties with a white satin ribbon. Lovely.

If you're looking for the perfect jewelry, please contact me thru any of my 3 Etsy shops---
Stacy's Designs 88 *** Blue Lovebirds *** Lilikoi Cottage

I would be honored to create the perfect Wedding Jewelry you always wanted. ♥

Aloha from Hawaii,


Friday, February 5, 2010

First Communion Jewelry for a Little Girl Who Loves Bling

My completed design for a favorite customer's daughter. Her daughter loves jewelry...tons and tons of it. Working off her daughter's fav pick of one of my bracelets, I created this jewelry set for her. The last photo shows her custom ordered Vintage Fabric Rosette Hairband.

Interested in a Custom Order? Please contact me via any of my 3 Etsy Shops.... Stacy's Designs 88, Blue Lovebirds, or Lilikoi Cottage

Thursday, February 4, 2010

All My Love

A gift for my Mom. It's her belated Birthday gift...shhhhh   In the acrylic Heart, I've included a few goodies---my own handcrafted artisan Garnet Chandelier Earrings and an Initial Charm and Garnet Gemstone Gold filled Necklace in a pretty Burgundy jewelry bag, and a little Pink Tulle sachet filled with French Lavender buds. My decorations include, glue gunning on a bow made of fuschia netting, paper cream roses, and a Close To My Heart Rub-on Heart.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Made my LoVe tags using my Close To My Heart acrylic stamps. Easy Peasy. Just stamp, hot glue gun on some pretty silk flowers, and then tie a ribbon to the end. Tah Dah!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My New Ribbon Holder

Always wanted a ribbon holder. Crazy about ribbon. So, my husband made me one using scrap wood. Similar to a paper towel holder. Just drill partial hole in middle where dowel will sit. This weekend, I used his power tools and rounded the edges. First time with power tools! Later, spray painted the holder. Today, using my Close To My Heart Rub-ons, added on the pretty filigree Corner details and painted on a Gloss Acrylic coat so the rub-ons don't come off. Will apply several coats.  Now, I can use my new ribbon holder...once it dries.  Yayyyyy!

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