Monday, March 31, 2008

My New Vintage Charm Necklaces

I just posted my new vintage charm necklaces in my shop. Recently, I received in the mail my newest acquisition---vintage rhinestones! I'm a closet "Cottage Style" wanna be. I don't think they'll let me join :( b/c I don't think I have 75% vintage pieces---which is one qualification for being allowed to join their group. That's why I love my Create A Day group b/c there are no rules!...except trying to create something everyday. Ok, I'm digressing. I love these new charm necklaces b/c that vintage rhinestone adds that touch of bling that I adore. There's also some cute charms on each--a little angel on one and an engagement or wedding ring on the other.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Getting Ready for Impromptu Craft Sale in 2 Days

Call me crazy but I'm getting ready for a craft/beauty sale in just 2 days. My friend---she was my make-up artist who got me all prettified for my wedding last year---just told me recently that she was having another craft/beauty/fashion sale at her shop in Kapahulu area. Of course, it's only now that I really got my patooty in gear and am frantically making card backings and jewelry tags for all my creations. I still have to figure out how I'm going to label each one. Haven't even thought about decorations for my table. The sale is tomorrow--Saturday (March 29th).

If you're on Oahu and want to go to a fab sale, here's the details:
When: SATURDAY, March 29th
Time: 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Where: Touch and Beautigoddess Shops
619 Kapahulu Ave. 207 & 208

Ok, gotta go back to creating all my tags and stuff.
Here's photos of my craft room in chaos!
I have a vintage Garfield the Cat keeping guard over all my goodies.
Ciao! ;)

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Sunday Afternoon in Kaimuki

This past Sunday, my hubbie and I went to visit my Silver Smithing Jewelry Instructor "C" from the Art Academy. We went to her house to check out her and her husband W's jewelry workshop. My hubbie Jimmy is interested in doing jewelry engraving. So, he wanted to see W's engraving equipment and workshop. Luckily for him, W let him try his hand at engraving. Jimmy was in heaven.

On our way home, we stopped off at a small mom & pop shaved ice shop in Kaimuki. We tried a shaved iced treat called "Mint Chocolate". It had mint chocolate chip on the bottom of the bowl. Then, it was covered with lime flavored shaved ice and topped off with mochi balls, pineapple, and azuki beans. The mochi balls were a little tough. But, it was very good and refreshing.

New Batch of Little "Thank You" Cards

Last night, I decided to whip up a batch of new little "Thank You" cards which I use a lot. I was inspired with the colors and designs of Amy Butler who is known for

her wonderful fabric designs. I thought her paper would be just the perfect thing to "prettify" my cards. Also, my new kraft jewelry boxes just arrived. To match the cards, I decorated the tops of the little jewelry boxes with matching paper. I think they came out pretty darn cute. I know my customers are going to love them. Yayyy! ;)

My First Treasury West featuring Teriffic Etsians!

Here it is. My very first Etsy Treasury West entitled "So Pretty So Cute" (click to check it out). The treasuries are created by Etsians (both buyers and sellers) and highlight other fellow Etsians creations. I've included many Etsians who belong to the Create-A-Day blog (click to check the blog out) of which I'm a new member. The Create-A-Day Etsians in my Treasury are Kimbuktu, Sheasy, Tiffany Teske, Aussie Patches, Auntie Dis, Robayre, Julia Catherine, JulieBCreative, Myhools, and Joonbeam.

How'd I do it? I read about it a lot in the Etsy Forums. Then, last week I was lucky enough to be included in two Treasuries (see below). So, I decided that I was going to try my hand at it and practiced using the Treasury program. On Sunday, while cruising thru Treasury West, all of a sudden a box for a title popped up----just like everyone said it would. I couldn't believe it at first and thought I was imagining it. But then I started frantically going thru my practice list and started inputting. It was EASY PEASY. If a 40 something gal can do it, you can do it. Try it, it's fun.

Anyway, I'm so happy that I was able to create a pretty Treasury using creations by my new gal pals from Create-A-Day. I'm looking forward to doing my next one. I've already started saving Favorites so when that box pops up again I know exactly what I'll do. ;)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh, my God----I'm in 2 Etsy Treasuries!

I've never been in an Etsy Treasury before...or at least I never knew about it. Anyway, today I just found out that I'm in 2!

An Etsy Treasury is a collage of different Etsy artisans photos of their works which are taken from their shops. Anyone can create a Treasury but it takes alot of patience and luck b/c only 333 Treasuries can be online at once. So you have to wait for one to expire and be there at the perfect time and be lucky enough to get the spot. I've never done a Treasury before but I think I'll try to do one or two...

I'm in both Kimbuktu's beautiful Treasury composed of fellow artisans from the Create-A-Day blog (click the red) of which I'm a new member. Kimbuktu's Treasury is called Joy Comes in the Morning (click the red) It is a collection of different fabrics. She chose to add in my Lavender Sachets. Thanks Kim!

I don't normally check out the Treasury b/c I've been religiously trying to perfect my picture taking, create new jewelry, add to the blogs, aka ---I'm normally overextended as it is.

Anyway, just out of curiousity, I was cruising thru the Treasury tonite. I discovered to my delight that I was in a 2nd Treasury entitled Blold (click the red) This was done by Jonatolengo who is someone I don't know but hey, I can use more friends! He chose to add in my cute pair of earrings called "Samantha". Thanks Jona!

This is a great ego booster b/c just this week I started wondering if the people out their in Etsy world liked my creations. As an Etsy newbie, I'm still learning the ropes and the slow sales is sometimes disheartening. But being chosen to be in 2 Treasuries helped my confidence---for sure!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

New member of ""

I just joined an awesome blog site called "Create-A-Day" which is comprised of other fellow Etsy artisans of various crafts. They're all awesome. Go and check it out for yourself at You can see all the terrific pieces that they've completed that day. The goal is to try to create something everyday. What a great concept! It's the creation of enigmachck of

Well, here's a brand spanking new Vintage necklace that I created yesterday. It took me awhile because I had to play with the lengths of each of the 4 different chains and then wirewrap (and re-wirewrap) pretty pale pink quartz, lovely fresh water pearls in white, rose pink, and chartreuse, and vintage blue and pink beads to the chains. But, it was a labor of love. I'm proud of this baby. I've already posted it on my Etsy shop. Just couldn't wait. Please check it out at

By the way, the necklace that I posted on February 28, 2008 (below) just sold this week! Yayyy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One-of-a-Kind Jewelry for Weddings & Brides

I was looking at all the different types of bridal jewelry and decided that there was a need for some pretty and one-of-a-kind designs.

Last year when I was shopping for my bridal wear, most of the jewelry for both the bride and her bridal party looked all the same. I designed my own bridal jewelry using the necklace that my husband's late mother had given me right before she passed away. It turned out to be very beautiful. It really matched my one-of-a-kind wedding gown made by Hawaii's own Asian themed designer Anne Namba.

I know there are those brides who want something very simple. However, there are many brides nowadays who want to stand out from the crowd and look elegant and one-of-a-kind. I'm going to start a line of bridal jewelry to fit that niche. Of course, I will also create pieces for those that want to wear just a little something something.

Here's a new piece (see above photo) that I've been working on to give you a taste of the things to come. I made this before and a friend bought it. It takes awhile to create this because everything, and I mean everything, is done by hand. Once it's completed, I will put it in my Etsy shop.

If you know any brides, please tell them about my Etsy
I really appreciate all your referrals.

Please leave a comment about your opinion on my newest creation.

Thanks ;)

Update: 10:35pm Wednesday 3/5/08---I finished the necklace. Please take a look in my Esty Shop


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rescue 911-My New Vintage Dresser---Love it!

I just rescued this beautiful vintage dresser with mirror, it's matching night stand and chest of drawers. My neighbors' mother (97 years old--almost 100!) just passed away and they were cleaning out her house. I saw the back of this dresser on the porch and my interest was piqued. I was hoping to see my neighbors to ask about the furniture. My husband and I kept an eye out for them, but no luck.

The next day, I saw a sign on it for pick-up by a not-to-be-named non-profit. My heart dropped. I rushed through their gates realizing it's "now or never". I found my neighbor in his mom's house and asked about whether I could have the furniture. He said that he had another bedroom set in one of the rooms and I could choose between the two. Apparently, he wanted to give the non-profit one since they had been called already to bring their truck. Ok, I really wanted both sets but I got the message.

So, I looked at both sets and chose this one. I really love the shabby chic ivory paint and robin's nest blue handles. The mirror is just lovely.
My neighbor said that these pieces were about 70 years old. Gorgeous.

My husband helped me clean them up and he did some minor repairs to make them more sturdy. This set is going to replace our dresser which is falling apart.

I say "rescue" because no one could love this gorgeous grand old lady as much as me.

I'm in heaven. Sigh!

Hope you had a terrific weekend-----Stacy


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