Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Oh, my God----I'm in 2 Etsy Treasuries!

I've never been in an Etsy Treasury before...or at least I never knew about it. Anyway, today I just found out that I'm in 2!

An Etsy Treasury is a collage of different Etsy artisans photos of their works which are taken from their shops. Anyone can create a Treasury but it takes alot of patience and luck b/c only 333 Treasuries can be online at once. So you have to wait for one to expire and be there at the perfect time and be lucky enough to get the spot. I've never done a Treasury before but I think I'll try to do one or two...

I'm in both Kimbuktu's beautiful Treasury composed of fellow artisans from the Create-A-Day blog (click the red) of which I'm a new member. Kimbuktu's Treasury is called Joy Comes in the Morning (click the red) It is a collection of different fabrics. She chose to add in my Lavender Sachets. Thanks Kim!

I don't normally check out the Treasury b/c I've been religiously trying to perfect my picture taking, create new jewelry, add to the blogs, aka ---I'm normally overextended as it is.

Anyway, just out of curiousity, I was cruising thru the Treasury tonite. I discovered to my delight that I was in a 2nd Treasury entitled Blold (click the red) This was done by Jonatolengo who is someone I don't know but hey, I can use more friends! He chose to add in my cute pair of earrings called "Samantha". Thanks Jona!

This is a great ego booster b/c just this week I started wondering if the people out their in Etsy world liked my creations. As an Etsy newbie, I'm still learning the ropes and the slow sales is sometimes disheartening. But being chosen to be in 2 Treasuries helped my confidence---for sure!

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sheasy said...

Congrats! Hang in there. It takes time and your stuff is so beautiful I'm sure success is on it's way!


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