Monday, July 28, 2008

the misadventures of unofficial assistant

to do do do...

My trusty little assistant Tobey checks out the prop as I'm getting ready for the shoot.
Quiet on the set!

everything looks A-OK mom!
but what's that shiny thing...

Tobey, don't get funny. Concentrate on the shoot!

oooooooh, LoVe this shiny thing
can't help it...drawn to...shiny things...

Tobey! Put that down right now. Fly! Fly! Fly!

really mom, whose the boss here?
whose the big enchilada?
whose the big mango?
who? who?

Don't get funny! I mean! I'm trying to get the shot! Fly!

i'm going to really get it
but let's see if i can push one more button...

You better Fly right now Tobey!

i'll just fly away right now
bye! To doo loo!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Gangs All Here!

Halia & Coby

Ok, this summer is like one party after the other. I LoVe it! Here's another get together that we just had at our home. My high school gal pals---Missy & Karol---and their families shared a potluck meal with us.

missy, bob, randall, & karol

enjoying time spent with our friends

On the menu: hamburgers, hot dogs, salsa & chips, potato salad, walnut spinach salad, yummy fruit salad, grilled corn, and red velvet cupcakes...of course! Everything was yummy!

the gals voted to have these

The kids...Halia and Coby...had a terrific time eating at their own special table, blowing bubbles, and then playing with sparklers all nite long! What a lovely way to end this special evening with friends.

bubbles from their goodie bags

Missy & Halia having fun

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Coz's Fab Girls' Trip To Boston Massachusetts

Our Girls' trip to Boston
food, fun and friendship

Guest Blogger: introducing my cousin Dianne from Southern California

"Hi"----I'm Dianne, Stacy's cousin, and former traveling partner (Italy and London). One of my college roomies and I took a girls' trip and met up in Boston this past May. One of the best things about traveling back east in the spring time is the flowers. They are everywhere and Absolutely BeaUtiFuL.

This is one of my favorite tulip pics taken at the Boston Public Garden.

Excuse me,
which way is it to Cheers?

The Freedom Trail is a must do while in Boston. Our guide not only gave us a quick history lesson on the city of Boston and the start of our country, but was quite entertaining and funny. Not to mention, also offered some good tips on eateries and local pubs. You can't
leave Boston without going to a pub!

Death By Canoli
What a way to Go!

If you are a foodie, visit Modern Pastry in Boston's North End. The canolis are TOO DIE FOR!!! Walking around the North End (Italian part of town) we noticed a long line and decided to find out why all the fuss. Question answered as soon as I bit into my very first canoli.

This is a pic of another one of their tasty delights, a lobster . . .creamy custard filling in a puff pastry treat, and, of course, covered in powdered sugar.

OMG, How did you do this?
Stacy's favorite pic

The flowers were amazing, and I love my digital camera. This was my attempt to be artsy and playing with the "color accent" feature on my Canon SD1000.

It was a perfect Saturday afternoon and although we started our trip with Boston being overcast and rainy, the days following were filled with sunshine. . . perfect spring days.

HOT Travel tip: I took a chance and checked out, which listed a 4 star hotel in the Copley Place district. Asked around and found out this was a great part of town. Got very lucky with a room at the Westin for $130/night (including all taxes, etc). Called ahead as I flew in on the red-eye and the Westin also accomodated me with an early check-in of 8 am. (Way to go Di!)

Perfect Ending to a Perfect Trip
Thanks Di!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Newest Custom Order for 7 Lucky Bridesmaids is Completed

Just wanted to share my latest custom order.
This one is for 7 lucky bridesmaids for a wedding on Oahu.
The mother of the groom, Anita,
who is planning this entire wedding local Hawaii style
chose for the bridal party
my Something Old Something New--Anita earrings
and my True Love bracelet--which was designed just for them .
The wedding is at the end of this month.

The True Love---Rebecca bracelet
7 lovely bracelets for 7 lovely bridesmaids

Something Old Something New--the Anita Earrings
renamed for my fav client Anita
Congratulations on your son's upcoming wedding!

The Something Old Something New Earrings
the True Love Bracelet

The True Blue Bracelets
in their cute blue organza bags

Handmade gift cards
Designed and created especially for Anita by me.
The lovely jewelry are inside each of these Tiffanyesque boxes.
All ready for gift giving !

Knowing that the wedding was at the end of this month,
I put in all the time necessary to get these lovelies completed
as soon as possible as I wanted Anita to have one less thing to worry about.
These lovelies were delivered early this week.
Her lucky lucky nieces.
Congratulations Anita!

Next Custom Order Project
Now, I'm working on designing an entire bridal jewelry collection
of 3 strand necklace, several strand bracelet and chandelier earrings
for the bride
necklaces and earrings for her entire bridal party of 6.
All for another fab client...Abby.
She has an OMG Drop Dead Gorgeous wedding gown.
I've started my designing by creating super Glam Chandelier earrings
with her in mind.
Stay tuned.

Please stop by my shop---stacysdesigns88---for the wedding jewelry you've been searching for but haven't been able to find...until now.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My Latest Bridal Custom Order...for Cynthia

My fab customer Cynthia is going to get married in August.
She LoVed my True Love Chandelier earrings
and placed a Custom Order to get one
especially made for her
in shiny sterling

I LoVe the way her chandelier earrings turned out.
I can imagine Cynthia wearing these
as she walks down the aisle.

Cynthia wanted something simple for her necklace so I suggested the
Simply Quartz Teardrop Necklace as the faceted piece
in her chandeliers matched that in the necklace
though are not the same.

Her wedding colors are dark purple and silver.
I gussied up her box girly girl style
with those colors in mind.

I always have a grand time Convo'g with my new friends/customers in my shop. And, it was so enjoyable Convo'g with Cynthia. I'm glad she found something she LoVes to wear on her special day...Her Wedding!

Please check out my Etsy shop for other Bridal Lovelies for you and your bridesmaids to Convo me if you'd like a Custom Order.

A New Home for Joon's CB Pins

Realizing that my BFF Leah would Not wear these pins,
I decided to just gussie up Joon's terrific card
and add some ribbons.

Inspired by Joon's recycling lovelies (thanks Joon!),
I designed a package for the Charlie Brown Pins using an old calendar.
I never throw away my calendars but I never knew what to do with them...until now.

I wrapped the CB pins in recycled lime green tissue paper.
I'm a sucker for tissue paper
and love to reuse them.

With my trusty zigzag scissors and Tombo adhesive,
I closed up the fancy ends of the calendar
with the CB pins inside.

I gussied up the package in girly girl fashion.

Leah, before she realizes that I'm going to be putting her
photo on my blog.

She opened up her gift and is in awe of Joon's creativity.
She's still unaware of the reason
for my photographing

She LoVed the CB pins! Joon, they're a Hit!
Ok, now she knows she's going to
be on my blog and refused to
be photographed...hence the hand.

The CB pins hanging on Leah's office wall.
Joon, she said her favorite is
the one with CB sleeping
in his bed with

Check out Joon's lovely creative Etsy Here.

the Anniversary Edition

One year. One year never seems like a year. It sometimes feel like it goes really fast or it's really slow. We've been busy with Stacy's Etsy store and I've been expanding my cooking repertoire. It went really fast! (Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.) Hello, I'm Jimmy, Stacy's other half.

We just had our FIRST anniversary. One year of happy togetherness. Come with me for a little trip back to that day on July 8, 2007:

She amazes me every day. She made her own bouquet.
Thanks to many friends and family who helped with the arrangements.

It was a really nice day.
Beautiful sunshine and a great location for our ceremony.
If you come to Oahu, spend some time at the Halekulani Hotel.
Go for brunch at the water's edge.

The Happy Couple♥♥

Thanks to Gina & Mike Goldman of Pixoflife Photography. They did a great job capturing our wedding. We were able to see how everyone was enjoying themselves. See their website at

Our slideshow is still on there...check out our wedding--click here on their blog. Ours is the 3rd couple down dated July 16, 2007. Click on Slideshow to see the awesome slideshow she created for our wedding.

BTW, the bridal jewelry that Stacy's wearing was designed and created by Stacy to match her Anne Namba custom made Kimono Obi bustier and silk skirt. The gold pendant necklace was my mother's wedding gift to Stacy which she was able to personally give to Stacy right before my mother passed away. Stacy added her own special touches of pearls to the chain so that it would match the rest of her bridal jewelry.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Gal Pal JoonBeam's Delightful Charlie Brown Pins

Joon's Package Arrived in Hawaii
boy, that was fast
thanks Joon!

The super cute packaging which I know takes
loads of time and creativity to create

The other side of the package...what's inside?

The Great Reveal
What did I get from Joon?

Wow, I'm really curious now

My Charlie Brown pins have arrived!
Joon colorized them for me by hand to give "life" to this
famous strip

Joon's super neat business card...all handmade
Please Check out her Etsy shop---JoonBeam
recycled art with heart
Also, check out her 2nd Etsy shop with super cool treats---Flying Housewife
Joon has a neat blog, please check it

The packaging was better than anything I've ever received
hands down!

Thanks Joon for this super Excellent
Package of "CB" goodies. I bought these pins from Joon to give to my BFF who always says she's Charlie Brown b/c things never work out the way she thought they would.
However, after seeing these pins, I think I'll have to keep a couple for myself.
Sorry, Leah! We can junk-n-po for the rest.

I LoVe Joon!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July...Hawaii style

Another Summer Garden Party
In Celebration of 4th of July
Hawaii Style

Yesterday, Jimmy and I entertained my family in our garden. My older brother Duane, my sister-in-law Sarah, my mom Florence, my dad Jerry, and my younger brother Brad were able to join us. Brad's wife Michelle was on a business trip and was actually having fun on the roller coaster ride at Disneyland while we ate dinner.

My Mom, the Korean Soap Opera Fan

My dad, who was forced to smile for this photo.
Smile dad! Smile!

My older brother Duane and his wife Sarah

We had ourselves a potluck barbeque. Our menu: on the grill, Jimmy cooked up onolicious (aka "delicious") teriyaki chicken (marinated by my younger brother Brad), yummy Hamachi collar (the tasty part of the Hamachi fish), tender pork chops, corn on the cob, eggplant, bell peppers, and purple sweet onions. Jimmy whipped up his homemade salsa and guacamole dips to go with tortilla chips. I served Plantation Iced Tea with pineapple juice and lots of mint. There were bowls of lichi, cherries, ice cold local watermelon, and tomato & corn salad. For dessert, I made mango tapioca pearl dessert which was delicious!

Iron Chef Jimmy working his grill

Remember that vintage chair we found outside the Buddhist
temple? Well, here it is refurbished and painted
a glorious Chinese Red.

Jimmy sitting back in his fabulous
refabbed chair

A Midsummer Night's Hawaii


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