Saturday, May 9, 2015

Trusting Your Intuition...Start Today Baby Steps

Something to feel today....

When You Trust Your Intuition
as much as you have trusted your Doubts,
You will Really be Getting Somewhere.
~ Alan Cohen

Thinking too much?
Trying to figure out the right way vs the wrong way?
Unable to make a decision bc God hasn't spoken to you
and told u which to choose?

When trying to make a Life decision
Your Intellect, Your Logic, Your Brain...
Is NOT the thing to use for this.
Use Your Gut
Your Intuition
Your...shall I say it?...psychic ability
which is Not Thinking
But Feeling
with Yourself
the Universe
the World

Everyone Has It
Most folks do Not Use it
are Unaware of It
and Ignore what It says to them
and go w/ their Logic
and wonder how come it didn't work out
or it was soooooo hard

How do u get in touch w/ your Intuition?
STOP Thinking
Tell it "thanks but No Thanks"

Start Small...
with which street to go down
which time to leave
which elevator will open doors first

Then, get Quiet
Ask your inner self
Which is better? This or that?
Go with the Feeling...what Feels better
or you may Hear yourself say which
and there will be NO Fear
FYI...If you Feel Fear, then that's your Logic talking

Go for it
Do it
See what happens

This is to get you In touch w/ your Intuition
to begin to Trust It

Start Journaling about your experiences
to Keep Track of them
so you can look back
and learn to Trust

Begin today
and it'll get easier
as you make Friends
with your Intuition

Peace out my fellow "Intuition is My BFF" friends...peace out. ( :

Stacy Cheng Suzuki
Life Coach & Reiki Energy Practitioner
My website:

Friday, May 1, 2015

Do You Feel Guilty to Be Happy...or even Too Happy?

Break The Cycle of "No" to Your Happiness...
At my "Live Your Happiness Now" Workshop this past Sunday [4/26/15],
an attendee shared this powerful Negative message or Imprint that was instilled in her from childhood..
that for Her to be Happy or even Too Happy
was Not a good thing
that you should Do things for Others
Not for Yourself
so she found it very difficult to do things for Herself that
made Her Happy
bc she Felt

Does this sound familiar?
Being of Japanese descent,
I know that this is how many Asian cultures raise their children.
Do for others... Do for others... Do for Others
And YOU come

Let's flip this around shall we?
That may have been great for them...
for whatever reason that message got them thru their days.
But, really...does This Message make You Happy?
I say...Hellllll, NO! [Can you hear me? I Know you can ( : ]

Here's the reason:
then you can easily spread True Happiness to Others
Being Happy
You Are a Good Role Model
for Your Children,
Your Parents,
Your Siblings,
Your Relatives,
Your Friends,
You co-workers,
Strangers you meet
That They Can Be Happy Now Daily
with No Guilt

And Their Happiness
Will Spread to Others
Like Dandelion Seeds
Blown by the Wind
To All Corners of the World
Landing Growing & Spreading
Happiness to Happiness to Happiness

The Dalai Lama said: "The Purpose of Our Lives IS to Be Happy".
Powerful stuff!

No Putting off Your Happiness for the Future...
when you retire, when your kids graduate college or get married or have kids or get their own house, or when you get your own house, or when you get your dream job, or go on your dream vacation, or or or...
Sound familiar?

Start NOW
Break the Cycle
of this Negative Old Message
that No longer works Today
for YOU

Peace out my fellow "Happiness Seekers"...peace out. ( :

Stacy Cheng Suzuki
Life Coach & Reiki Energy Practitioner
My website:


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