Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sarah's Quilt is Completed! Let the Doves Fly Free!

My Handwritten Tag
I handstitched it to her Quilt on Side 2, bottom, center
And "yes", this is the "wacky, I'm going blind/insane/can't wait til I tie the knot on this baby" stitching that I did by hand. I know, it looks like I did this while Not wearing my reading glasses.
I actually wanted it to Look like I handsewed it on and wanted it to be "not perfect".
Too much perfection is not my style.
I love the "Ugh, Yes, I did make this Quilt all by myself" Look.

I think this tag conveys that message...
don't you?

Sarah's Quilt in All It's Glory

Side 2

It's taken about 5 months for me to Complete her Quilt.
If I had to count the Actual "work" time spent on creating it,
I'd say about 7 work days...56 hours...or was it wayyyyy more?
I can't remember anymore.

A look at Side 1

I don't know if I like Side 1 Or Side 2 better.
Side 2 kinda grew on me.
Lo♥e the Orange.
It's Sarah's favorite color this year.

Side 1

I call this side, "Side 1" because it was the side that I was concentrating on.

It took a long time for me to create this monster quilt because the actual quilting of this with my old vintage Bernina was causing me to actually "sweat bullets" as I turned, pulled, pulled and pulled the fabric thru the little opening to the right of my machine in order to quilt the square pattern.

I'm going to beg my gal pal Jean to let me Please use her 3rd child...
her quilting sewing machine loom extravaganza...when I need to quilt my mom's quilt.
(Jean, did you hear that? Ring Ring Ring...)

Yes, I have another quilt to create.
:/ (this is me with the "yes, I'm crazy" grin)

The next one is for my mom for her Xmas, Birthday, Mother's Day,
and whatever other special occasion I can throw in.

If you want to read the Beginning and the Middle of this Quilting Journey....
just Click on them to get there.

Big Question I know you're asking? How did Sarah like her quilt Stacy?

She passed out on the floor and I had to pour a bucket of iced cold water on her to "wake" her up.

Nah, she didn't. Just wanted to see if you were still reading.

She Lo♥ed it! She was smiling ear to ear and held it up and showed it to everyone. I heard her say to herself that her aunt was not going to get this quilt from her. Ugh, Yes, no one else can get this quilt. In fact, when she no longer wants it, it comes back to meeeeeee! OMG! Creating this quilt and then giving it to Sarah felt like I was giving up my own child. I guess when you spend so much time on your creation, it's kinda hard to give it up. Oh well, I gotta get to work on my mom's quilt now.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Arts & Crafts in Pauoa...Tie Dye Retro Hippie Made Mod

Tie Dye Pictutorial

Follow Along to Learn How to Tie Dye...

What you Need...
1) 100% cotton t-shirts, etc. (Pre-washed/dried)...
try using your Old tees to give them "new" life
2) Assortment of Dyes...
One of the brands I used was Rit dye
Had buckets with Yellow, Red, Turqouise Blue, Orange, Green dyes
3) Rubberbands...
the Larger thicker ones turned out to be the better ones
4) Gloves...to protect your hands
5) Salt...to bind the dye to your material
6) buckets or containers...to put your dyes in
7) Hot Tap Water....follow directions on your Dye package on how to make the dye...
Super EZ...pretty much add hot tap water, dye, and Salt
8) Table covered in plastic...garbage bags, shopping bags, whatever you got...
so you don't "dye" your table
9) Outdoors...best to do your dying outside Unless your dying to dye your house and walls
10) Instruction sheets...downloaded from Rit dye website and Bri's Blog "The Craft Begins".
Super helpful. Different "tying" instructions to get different looks. Check them out.

My cousins Miye, Mari, and Kylie tying up their tees

Instruction sheets strewn across the table...along with everything else

Getting fancy with the rubberbands

Lorie twirling her shirt to get that funky spiral look
doing the Twirl technique

Accountants can do it with pizzazz!

Miye getting her tee ready to tie

Kylie and her Mom doing the "Twirl" technique on their tees

Hey Grove, I think that's your Tee being created

Mari helping Kylie with the Wrap Dye Shibori technique

All you need is a PVC pipe and some rope or string

Bondage Time

I've wrapped up little cotton diapers that are going to be some little baby's Burping Cloth

Buckets of Dyes!

Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green...oh my!

Best to start dyeing with the Lightest color first and then go to the darkest.
You can just dip sections of your tees in the different dyes.
Try using Squeeze Bottles filled with Dyes to just squirt the dyes into specific sections.
Remember, you can mix colors to get other colors...
red + blue= purple, red + yellow = orange, yellow + blue = green

Kylie rolling her PVC tied Tee in a pan with Yellow and Green dye...a sorta chartreusey color

Like her Bedroom walls...hear that Grover?

Jimmy getting into it using rope with dye to "stamp" on his Old Sleep Tee

Al was reminiscing about his old 60's tie dye tees
and how he should've kept them.

I talked him into dyeing a new set of tees for himself to wear around the house.

Al getting his hands into the Dye

Our Little Bundles lying out on the Grass

To Quick Heat Set the Dye into the Fabric,
each bundle was placed in a plastic market bag and then nuked for 1 minute.

Snip off the rubberbands...a bit steamy from the nuking so watch out...HOT!

Kylie with another one of her Fab T-shirts.
She was having a Blast!

As were we all.

Lori's Pretty Pretty Tee
Shy Geisha #1

Miye's creation...so Pretty!~

Hmmm....I think this is Mari hiding behind her gorgeous creation.
Shy Geisha #2 and all

All our Tees already nuked, unveiled, and Soaking up some Hawaiian Sunshine

Jimmy checking out the 2nd Batch

I dyed some Vintage Slips and PJs

Such Fun, Fab Colors!

On the line, getting some Sun.

Afterwards, you'll need to Rinse out your tie dyed clothing in water until the water runs clear.

Soaking it also in a water bath with White Vinegar as an extra precaution to set the dye into the fabric.

Then, line dry or throw in your dryer.

I would wash these separate again instead of throwing them in with your regular wash to make sure that the water runs clear and doesn't "dye" all your other clothing.

Try it. It's super fast and super fun. Both kids and adults alike really really enjoy creating their own designs on their clothes.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Lisette,A New Bride, Wearing One of My Most Popular Bridal Necklaces, Edward's Tears

Such a HaPPy Couple!
Congratulations toBoth Lisette & Marcel!
Wishing you both HaPPy Days Together Forever!

My Bridal Customer Lisette and Her New Husband on Their Wedding Day!

Photography by Rosie Moyer

Lisette, the Gorgeous Bride, on her Wedding Day!
Congratulations Lisette!

Lisette is wearing my ever popular Edward's Tear Necklace... the 2 Strand version.

My Edward's Tear Necklace
Click Here to See my Edward's Tear Line

Another of my Edward's Tear Necklaces

Click HERE to see my Edward's Tear Line


Lisette from Canada contacted me about my ever popular Edward's Tear Necklace in the Two (2) Strand version. She wanted to find out if I could create it for her and get it to her before her wedding which was about 4 weeks away. Normally, it takes about 2 weeks time for packages to reach Canada from Hawaii. As I had everything I needed to create her Bridal necklace in Stock, after she Paid for it, I created it and mailed it out to her immediately. She received it in about 10 days..about 8 days Before her Wedding.

She sent me this lovely message: "Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received the necklace today! It's beautiful and matches my dress perfectly! I am so excited to wear it! Thank you so much for all the extra touches of warmth, the tag and the gift box are amazing. I am really happy that I went this route for my wedding jewelry."

My Matching Edward's Tear Earrings

Click HERE to see my Earrings

She LoVed her new necklace. I was HaPPy, she was HaPPy...everything worked out Perfectly.

After her Wedding, Lisette shared these photos of her and her husband with me. I Lo♥e to see my Brides wearing their new Jewelry that I designed and created just for them.

Lisette told me that she Lo♥ed wearing this Necklace on her Wedding Day and received many compliments.

I enjoyed working with Lisette on her Bridal Jewelry order. Like Lisette, many of my Bridal customers contact me thru my Blue Lovebirds shop. I really enjoy "chatting" with my brides, getting to know them and their jewelry needs, and helping them with their choice of Bridal Jewelry as well as jewelry for their Bridesmaids, their Flower Girls, their Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, and their Future Mother-in-Law.

If you are a new Bride looking for your Bridal Jewelry, Please contact me and let me help you by creating your Bridal Jewelry so that you and your entire Bridal Party look Absolutely Gorgeous!

My Blue Lovebirds online shop....Click HERE. Please feel free to Contact me through my shop.

You can also contact me thru Wedding Wire...Please complete the Box to the Upper Left of this Page.

Congratulations Lisette! I'm sooooo Happy for you and your new husband! Aloha from Hawaii.


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