Sunday, December 21, 2008

My New Lindstrom Tools...finally!

My New Lindstrom Tools!

I just had to blog (or should I say "brag") about my new Lindstrom tools. One of my neighborhood bead shops always mails a 25% off coupon in December. This year I decided that I was going to upgrade my tools to the top-of-the-line Lindstrom tools. If you create jewelry fairly often, then you need to get yourself this brand. I picked up the round nose plier and the short nose plier. Both of these I use everytime I create my jewelry. I added this to my collection which consists of my trusty Lindstrom flush cutter and my handy dandy Lindstrom short nose pliers (now I have two!). I am in tool heaven!

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"
My Lindstrom tools mingling with the other no name brand tools

Like most people, I started off using whatever tools were affordable, aka cheap. I never knew about "top of the line" jewelry tools. One day, my silver smithing jewelry instructor was asking about the brand of tools that we used. I never even thought about it before she asked. Then, I found out about the "good, the bad, and the ugly" as far as tools. I guess I was working with ugly and uglier tools. So, I decided to upgrade slowly because they do cost a pretty penny. But, I'm glad I did because you can't beat the quality, the precision, and the comfort.

Now I'm a happy camper. Sighhhhh....

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm Tired of Being a Blob

The hope of a new body...

Hi All! In the recent weeiks, I've been getting used to a change in my work schedule. I used to work nights, weekends and holidays. Now, I'm back to working day shift. It took some getting used to but I think I'm getting there. I'm not a morning person so getting to work by 8am is a real test which I think I'm failing. I know, I really can hear all of you going "Boo hoo to you Stacy". Okay, okay. Please keep the sympathetic clucking down. :)

One thing that I realized working day shift is that I have no clothes that fit me. When I worked my night shift, I just wore "borro borro" (a local term meaning "junky wunky"--my term...sorry if I messed up the spelling) clothes---jeans, t-shirts, etc. Now, I have to look half way decent at work. So, I've been foraging in my closet...back, bottom, top, back of drawers, storage boxes with inch thick of dust on it...

Now, when I say "no clothes that fit me", I mean it. I'm getting to my Fitness Kick story soon. When I sit down on my office chair, no joke...a little or large inner tube pops up over my waist band and rolls up my body. I know I can hear the gasps and the eeeeeekkkkkkk! or is that just me? reliving the horror?!

I never had this before. So when I first saw this wave of flab rolling up to my face when I sat down, I got so disgusted. Day after day of this happening. No matter how much I sucked it in, I could never suck it in long enough before passing out. When I realized that I had to move up from a size 8 to a size 10 (and I used to be a good size 6), I decided to take this Craziness into my own hands. I started working out.

One morning while trying to find something decent to slip on so the waves wouldn't take over me again, I eyed my work out backpack slumped over in the corner. I grabbed it and started jamming my work out clothes and shoes in it. I was so sick of my plumpness that I was going to drag myself to the gym during lunch. That was day ONE. And Day One started this week.

Now getting to the YMCA gym from work takes some time. I have to walk to my parking lot (not too far), then drive to the gym (also not too far), get into the gym and change my clothes. If I'm lucky, this takes about 20 minutes...can you believe it? That's crazy time...meaning way too long. Anyhoo, if I'm Lucky, I can work out for 30 to 40 minutes.

First, I stretch out. Then, I normally try to do 10 to 15 minutes of cardio--so on the bike or on the treadmill. I confess, I'm not an Elliptical lover. Something about that rolling movement doesn't appeal to me. I spend the last Golden minutes that I have working out on the machines or free weights. I always do some back and waist strengthening moves.

FYI---I've been working out and involved in some form of athletics since I was a child. I'm not a stranger to working out at the gym. Since college, I've worked out at the gym. I'm just not unfortunately the type of person that can work out consistently every week of my life. I think I'm like a lot of people where things happen in my life and I stop working out...and the blobness slowly begins rolling in.

Now, this isnt' the first time that I've battled the Blob in me. About 9 years ago, I was a Blob (yes, I'm a on again off again blob). I was a Blob back then for several years in fact. Finally, my BFF Amy said that she had a crazy plan to do the Tinman Triathalon on Oahu. Wanting somethig to do besides work, I became her partner. I came up with a schedule where we worked out almost 6 days a week non-stop. We even stuck to that work out plan when we both took a trip to California and Reno Nevada together. Everyday before we started the day, we would go to a local Y or college gym in the area and work out according to our schedule. That was actually FUN. We were so fit by that time. We could eat anything we wanted during the day b/c we were working out like mad dogs. I recall scarfing down thee most delicious huge bowl of lobster bisque in a Reno casino restaurant. From that day on, I'm a fan of bisque. Ok, I digress. Anyhoo, We completed our Triathalon. And then we did 2 more after that.

I'm not looking to doing any Triathalons. I'm just looking to fit into my clothes and to feeling more energetic. I am making a promise to myself to get into shape. I'm not looking to be a certain weight. I'm just going to go by the "fitting into a size 6" method...and comfortably too.

I must say that I've been able to go to the gym 3 times this week. I felt good afterwards. I felt more energetic. And the best thing is that I looked forward to making the trek to the gym each day. I even went to the gym when it was raining!

This is baby steps. I have to keep on putting one foot in front of the other...and getting myself to the gym. I'm not obsessive compulsive. I wish I was. It would make this so much more easier. I'm someone who can easily talk myself out of something unless I have a goal. My goal is to get rid of this tire around my middle and the wings that I have developed under my arms (I can almost fly with these babies! Flap flap flap.).

I'll keep you posted. Hey, who wants to join in?

Next thing I have to do is cut back on eating SUGAR!

Eeeek! :)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vintage Finds at a Old Fashioned Garage Sale

Vintage hand made Christmas ornaments

Just wanted to share some super cool finds. Last week, I went to a “house” sale–like a garage sale but it’s in the house. The owner of the home passed away and her children were having a sale of her treasures.

When I walked thru the front door, I saw a box full of handmade Xmas ornaments which she made. She was a crafter. These lovely ornaments were all handmade of felt and tons of sequins were hand sewn on. The angels had pretty feathers for wings. I knew that I had to have them. They are so cute, so precious, and made with love.

Vintage ribbons...yummy colors!

This lovely lady was a super crafter. She had a room just for crafting. She was really into to making teddy bears, knitting, and sewing. One of my other super finds was a box full of vintage rick rack, ribbons, mini Xmas ornaments, and flowers. I was in Heaven!

Lovely vintage flowers, rick rack, embroidered hand towels

Merry Christmas from Hawaii!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Roses & Peonies---Fairy Princess Tutu Costume No. 3

Here's the 3rd and final Fairy Princess Tutu Costume.

Pinks, Fuschias, and whites are wafted together. I loved making this's so girly girly.

I glue gunned on silk flower peonies to the elastic waistband and the headband. To the simple tank top, I hand stitched a matching silk cherry blossom and a white pearl bead center. The magical slippers were adorned with silk leaves and matching pink silk flowers.

Peaches and Cream Fairy Princess Tutu Costume---No.2

Peaches & Creme

the silk flowers at the waist

clouds of tulle and netting

matching hairband and slippers

little Princess slippers

Here's fairy princess costume number 2. I call it "Peaches and Creme". The colors are so pretty together. When I was at the fabric store, I just stared at the bolts of tulle and netting and then started pulling several that caught my eye....and Peaches & Creme was born.

My Bridal Jewelry Collection

Brides, looking for that romantically sexy bridal jewelry to wear on your wedding day?

You're invited to visit my online shop----Stacy's Designs 88 ( ---for that one of a kind creation that you will make your Wedding Day that much more special.

I believe that brides should wear jewelry handmade with soul, love, and passion in every piece. Your Wedding Day is a once in a lifetime event and your jewelry should reflect that. Don't settle for mass produced jewelry with no spirit. Brides, you deserve the best and should settle for nothing less.

I love doing Custom Orders for both you and your entire bridal party. Please enquire in my shop.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Saturday at Kapiolani Community College's Farmer's Market

A shot of the different vendors...rows and rows
lots to choose from

Jimmy and I are trying to eat more greens and fruits and more organic. So, we went to our favorite Farmer's Market at Kapiolani Community College (KCC) on Saturday. Using my trusty little cell phone, I was able to capture shots from our little market expedition.

There are a lot of plant and orchid vendors
so many different varieties of orchids to choose from

I think these are called Spider Orchids
(ooops, my camera is not focussing properly)

Here's another color variety of the orchid

There's a LOT of Local fruit and vege vendors
I think we have found our favorite vendors

We bought fresh sweet Local pineapple, papayas, cantaloupe, baby bok choy, bananas, butter leaf lettuce...I can't remember everything else. The cantaloupe was supppppper sweet. I left it out for a couple more days until I could Smell the ripe cantaloupe. Ice cold and creamy...LoVed it!

Ogo (or seaweed) vendor from the local Buddhist Temple
Seaweed is very good for you to eat as it has loads of different nutrients
I bought some and made pickled sweet Ogo which Jimmy and I ate every night

Here's a shot of all the tourists and local people
sitting on the curb and eating their lunch
or just taking a breather

There's a lot of tourists that visit the market along with a LOT of locals. I swear, it's like going to an awesome fair. There's lots of stuff to look at, buy, and eat. Bring some good walking shoes b/c there's several rows of vendors and you'll be there for a minimum of 1 hour...if you know what you want already.

Jimmy carrying our 2 bags full of fruits and veges

We always bring our trusty little reusable market bags which we got from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. That way, vendors do not have to use their plastic bags b/c we just put our finds right in our bags. Stay Green.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Gemstone Jewelry Pieces Added to My Collection

Golden Yellow Citrine and Smoky Quartz
Faceted Briolettes Gemstones Earrings

Just in time for the holiday season, I've added new beautiful semi=precious stone earrings to my shop. If you love the look of a gem, then these are the ones for you.

Please come into my shop----Stacy's Designs 88 (at check them out for yourself.

Van Gogh Sapphire Sky Blue Chalcedony

Gemstone Briolette Earrings

Romantic Mediterranean Sea Deep Aqua Chalcedony
and Apatitte Rondelle Sterling Silver Earrings

Metallic Speckled Labradorite

Heart Shaped Briolette Gemstone Earrings


Light aqua green and deep aqua teal chalcedony.
fresh water pearls Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings

Pele's Tears

Tourmaline, Fresh Water Pearls

Sterling Silver Long Dangle Earrings

Moss Aquamarine Faceted Briolette Gems

Dangle Sterling Silver Earrings


Mystic Pink Topaz Briolettes
with Neon Aqua Rondelles Gem Earrings

Mediterranean Sea Deep Aqua Teal Chalcedony
Faceted Briolette Earrings

Monday, October 13, 2008

Fairy Princess Tutu Costume

The Fairy Princess Costume

Don't you Love tulle and netting? I love creating with it. Who can resist the amazing colors that they come in? Looking at them makes me feel like being a kid again and pretending. Okay, since I can't dress up and prance around in a little tutu (or can I?), I volunteered to create fairy princess costumes for my BFF's 3 little girls.

The first tutu costume was made especially for Tami, the youngest. I played with blues, fuschia, and whites and wove in ribbons. The tutu came out surprisingly full...very full. After creating the tutu skirt, I glue gunned on a variety of silk flowers to the tutu. To tie them together, I hand tacked on a matching aqua gross grained ribbon to the fuschia top.

As this is Hawaii, Tami can wear comfortable slippers (flip flops) while trick-or-treating. I embellished her slippers with matching leaves and flowers.

And to complete the fairy princess look, I created a super cute headband with matching leaves and flowers.

If her sisters like what they see, then I will create different colored but similar fairy princess costumes for them also.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Designs-----Gemstones

Faceted Rubies from India
Shades of Rich Pomegranates

My Mother and Child Ruby Necklace

The trend now is wearing a very delicate chain with a small something something. On a buying trip, I was lucky enough to find these wonderful faceted rubies from India.
LoVe the pomegranate red rich color.

Rubies are one of the few precious gemstones.

Tiny swirls adorn these petite ruby earrings

Here are some Delicate chain necklaces with a twist to keep it interesting yet simple.
Faceted tourmaline in different shades of green are so pretty, fresh, and natural.
The Aquamarine is clear with a tint of light green.

the Yin Yang Necklace
Tourmaline and Aquamarine

with sterling silver
gold filled chains accents

Moss Aquamarine and Pearls

For those who want a necklace with a bit more pizzazz, I wirewrapped fresh water white pearls to form a chain to highlight this gorgeous moss aquamarine.

All these lovely necklaces and earrings can be found in my shop----Stacy's Designs 88.
Please stop by and take a closer look.

P.S. Right now, I'm having a HUGE XMAS SALE in my store to make room for my new designs. Shop now and Save BIG on your Xmas shopping.


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