Monday, October 13, 2008

Fairy Princess Tutu Costume

The Fairy Princess Costume

Don't you Love tulle and netting? I love creating with it. Who can resist the amazing colors that they come in? Looking at them makes me feel like being a kid again and pretending. Okay, since I can't dress up and prance around in a little tutu (or can I?), I volunteered to create fairy princess costumes for my BFF's 3 little girls.

The first tutu costume was made especially for Tami, the youngest. I played with blues, fuschia, and whites and wove in ribbons. The tutu came out surprisingly full...very full. After creating the tutu skirt, I glue gunned on a variety of silk flowers to the tutu. To tie them together, I hand tacked on a matching aqua gross grained ribbon to the fuschia top.

As this is Hawaii, Tami can wear comfortable slippers (flip flops) while trick-or-treating. I embellished her slippers with matching leaves and flowers.

And to complete the fairy princess look, I created a super cute headband with matching leaves and flowers.

If her sisters like what they see, then I will create different colored but similar fairy princess costumes for them also.

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