Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Bride Stacy's Custom Order Bridal Jewelry and Gifts for Loved Ones

Stacy's Bridal Earrings & Matching Bracelet
Designed Just for Her
to Wear with Her Beautiful Gown

Custom Designed Jewelry for Bride Stacy
to Wear to Her GF's Wedding this Summer
The Chanel Paris Bracelet and Jet Black Swarovski Crystal Baroque Earrings

Stacy's Custom Designed Petite Swarovski Crystal & Pearl Hairband
Flexible Yet will Hold It's Shape...Headache Free Hairband

Stacy's Custom Designed Swarovski Crystal Indicolite Blue Earrings
With a Bit of Bling
to Match One of her Dresses

Stacy's Bridal Love Actually Earrings to Match her Love Actually Bracelet
Fresh Water Coin Pearls, Swarovski Crystal Light Cream Pearls and Clear Crystals

For Stacy's Flower Girl
Custom Designed Earrings in Amethyst Swarovski Crystals
and Fresh Water Pearls on Sterling Silver
"Little Girl Crystal Earrings" in Swarovski Crystals of Your Choice

For Stacy's Sister...Tanzanite Swarovski Crystals and Crystal Pearl Bracelet

For Stacy's Mother...Pink Swarovski Crystals and Crystal Pearls Bracelet
Delicately Beautiful

Pretty Purple Butterfly Designer Paper Jewelry Box
for her Flower Girl's Earrings
Ready for Gift Giving

Amy Butler Designer Paper...Gorgeous!
Specially decorated Jewelry Boxes for Stacy, Her Mother, and Her Sister
[Shhhh...Stacy's Jewelry Box is the BIG one. ;) ]

It's always Bridal Season...what a Wonderful time all year round. I LoVe working with my Bridal Customers and creating the Jewelry of their Dreams for themselves, their Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, and their Loved Ones. It's such a Happy Creative process. Always keeps me smiling with positive thoughts and positive wishes for All.

I enjoy creating jewelry with my brides in mind. It's very helpful if my brides send me a photo or link to a photo of their bridal gowns and bridesmaids' gowns for me to envision the best jewelry to match. There are times when I'll "tweak" one of my designs to better match the gowns. And other times, I'll just create an entirely new design just for that bride or her bridesmaids to complement their gowns.

I Love it when my brides trust my "eye" and let me create something just for them. It really gets my creative juices flowing. I really enjoy doing this.

My newest Bride Customer Stacy worked with me to create her Bridal Jewelry which she will wear on her destination wedding. With her gorgeous Gown in mind, I created my Love Actually Bracelet and matching Earrings just for her which she will wear on her Wedding Day. Taking inspiration from her gown, I created this bracelet to accentuate her look. Her earrings, I blinged up with a bit of Swarovski Crystal Rondelles along with Fresh Water Coin Pearls and Swarovski Crystal Pearls in Light Cream to match her bracelet. A new design was born inspired by Stacy.

For her hair, she custom ordered a Petite Swarovski Crystal and Light Cream Pearl Hairband. I created hers so that it's flexible yet sturdy and won't lose it's shape. This hairband is very comfortable so much so that it won't give her the usual "hairband headache" that you can get with those regular hairbands. Also, I included loops at the bottom of the hairband so that it can be pinned to her hair and won't come off during the day or night of her Wedding Day.

To match one of her dresses which she plans to wear during her Wedding festivities on her destination wedding, she chose Swarovski Crystals in a beautiful peacock green blue...Indicolite blue. With these Petite crystals, I created a delicate pair of earrings with a bit of "bling".

Stacy Loved my Jet Black Swarovski Baroque crystal earrings and wanted a matching bracelet to wear with her little black dress to her GF's upcoming wedding. So, I created my new Chanel Paris bracelet with a mixture of Vintage Miriam Haskell Pearls and Modern Swarovski Crystals and Pearls.

She also ordered delicate bracelets for both her mother and her sister to wear on her Wedding Day. I created these beautiful Swarovski Crystal and Pearl bracelets just for them.

And, for Stacy's Flower Girl, she picked Amethyst Swarovski Crystals to be used in my "Little Girl Crystal Earrings".

I used my decorative designer paper to decorate the jewelry boxes for all her jewelry and her gifts. They look beautiful! Her mother, sister, and Flower Girl will be delighted to receive these beautiful thoughtful gifts from Stacy.

Stacy, Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding! It was my pleasure to create your jewelry with you.

For all you Brides looking for that perfect jewelry, please stop by either of my 3 shops Blue Lovebirds , Stacy's Designs 88, and Lilikoi Cottage and Contact me. I would be so Happy to work with you to create the jewelry of your dreams. All my jewelry are Designed and Handcrafted by me for you with Love.

Aloha from Hawaii!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Update on Sarah's Quilt...The Front is Sewn!

My Trusty Vintage Bernina and Me...Sewing Merrily Away...ZZZZZzzzzzzzz ZZZZzzzzz

Here's the Final Combo Before Sewing it Together
Talk about Rubics Cube De Javu...

Aren't these Fabrics Fab?
Love them.
Sarah did also.
She can't wait for her Quilt to come Home.

The Front All Sewn Up
Now, need to get the Back fabric.
Thinking the Light Aqua.
For Border, thinking a darker blue.
Orange and Aqua Blue...a Perfect combo.

For Sarah's Birthday party this past Saturday, I made a Mini Quilt of 9 pieces of the Fabrics I'm using on her Quilt. A sneak peek. Sarah LoVed it! She can't wait to get the Real thing. I'm jazzed about this quilt. Love the colors. Love Love Love it. I'm already thinking about creating my own Quilt.

Tip to Remember: Pin the Squares so the Squares MATCH up. Eeeeek! I had to rip apart the 1st Long Row from the 2nd row bc I didn't even think of this until sewing the 2nd & 3rd Row. Luckily, I thought of this on the 2nd Row. So, a small lesson.

When I was figuring out where to put the Squares, I again almost lost my mind. But, I kept pushing forward until I came up with a Look that I LoVed. No second guessing. There's too many variations that you can do. I came up with the One that my Eyes LoVEd...and that's it. Sew it before I change my mind.

I'm thinking a Light Aqua for the Back Fabric. A Darker Rich Blue OR Magenta for the Border. Pulling those colors from the existing blocks. Thinking to "Stitch in the Ditch" since the Squares are pretty prominent. Any thoughts?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life With Tobey...My Little Espresso Fiend

Okay, what is she up to again?

Does she think she can get a taste of Coffee in that?

The Espresso Fiend Strikes Again!

I was able to catch some shots of Tobey when she was up to her little antics again. Always in the kitchen. Always up to something. Always worth a chuckle. Love that crazy bird. :)

I really think that when I'm not in the kitchen, she jumps on my coffee cup and sips some dregs from it. Why do I think this? Uh because when I'm drinking my coffee, she hops on the rim of my cup and makes like she's going to drink some of it. What, the heck are you doing bird?

One of her favorite haunts in the kitchen is the Espresso maker. She loves to toss all my espresso attachments from the frothing mug.

Boy, what would we do without our little loved ones around to keep us smiling and screeching at the same time? :)

My Favorite Hawaii Bread Pudding Recipe

The Ingredients used in this Simple and Super Quick Easy Recipe

Here's the Recipe
I love to Add in other fruits, nuts, etc. whatever I have handy.
This time I used Macadamia nuts, Apple Bananas, Fuji Apples, raisins...

Love using Fuji Apples in my Recipes
always sweet, always delicious

A pan full of Yummy goodness ready for Baking

Right Out of the Oven...sooooo Delicious!

I realized that I LoVe cooking and eating Gooey Ooey types of food. My lasagna is gooey, my bread puddings are gooey ooey... it just makes me feel so loved and comfortable. I love to share that feeling with everyone who eats my food.

So, here's my Favorite all time Bread Pudding recipe. This is the ONLY recipe I use. Haven't needed to search or combine other recipes together bc this is the PERFECT one. If you like luciously delectable custardy bread pudding, then make this one. This one is plump, jiggly wiggly, and just plain delicious.

I Promise. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Glutton for Punishment...My 2nd Quilt for my SIL's Birthday

One of my favorite prints
by Anna Maria Horner

Yes, I'm back. Sorry, my life has been a "bit" busy. Bad me. But now, I'm back again. Doing it again. A Second Quilt. This time for my SIL Sarah for her birthday. I'm going to have to give her some photos bc it won't be ready in time for her party this weekend.

Today, I cut all the pieces and placed the 60 pieces into squares of 3 pieces each. For a moment, I thought I actually Lost my Mind! Eeeek! Have you ever felt like that? My mind was literally spinning as I looked at the different combinations I created and tried to imagine it altogether. Then, I pulled myself together and was satisfied with my puzzle pieces combos. Now, I have to sew them together.

Different combos lying all over the place!

Is the room spinning?

My Squares were all over the place!
Tables, floor, chair, couch, footstool...

Love the prints and the colors.
Sarah's favorite color nowadays is Orange...I think.
I know she'll LoVe it.

Stay tuned...I'll have more on my quilting progress soon. Promise!


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