Thursday, April 15, 2010

Life With Tobey...My Little Espresso Fiend

Okay, what is she up to again?

Does she think she can get a taste of Coffee in that?

The Espresso Fiend Strikes Again!

I was able to catch some shots of Tobey when she was up to her little antics again. Always in the kitchen. Always up to something. Always worth a chuckle. Love that crazy bird. :)

I really think that when I'm not in the kitchen, she jumps on my coffee cup and sips some dregs from it. Why do I think this? Uh because when I'm drinking my coffee, she hops on the rim of my cup and makes like she's going to drink some of it. What, the heck are you doing bird?

One of her favorite haunts in the kitchen is the Espresso maker. She loves to toss all my espresso attachments from the frothing mug.

Boy, what would we do without our little loved ones around to keep us smiling and screeching at the same time? :)


kimbuktu said...

That is so funny Stacy :oD

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Thanks Kim :) I love to spread the chuckles worldwide.


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