Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hot in My Shop this Summer...Infinity Swirl Friendship Necklace

This is Super Hot necklace in my shop this Summer.
Get one for your BFF and yourself.
Wear it and always be connected no matter how far you are from each other.

My Chakra Stone Energy Bracelets for Men and Women

My New 7 Chakra Stone Bracelets.

7 Chakra Stone Bracelet
7 stones for each of your chakras.
Crown ~Purple - spiritual center
Third Eye  - Indigo - Intuition
Throat – Lt. Blue – Self Expression
Heart - Green - Love
Solar Plexus - Pale Yellow - Power
Sacral - Orange - Sexuality
Root - Red - Family

Men's [10mm stones] for $40, Women's [Graduated stones] for $35 each.
Plus $5 1st Class USPS Shipping [to USA only].
Women's has Clear Quartz on the back.
Men's have choice of Black Onyx, Tiger's Eye, or Black/Goldstone.
While supplies last...

Check out my Etsy shop to get your bracelet...


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