Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Birthstone Gemstone and Initial Charms My Shop Now

Your choice of 2 birthstone Gemstones
Your choice of Initials on Sterling Silver Leaf Charms

Sterling Silver necklace with Your Choice of Gemstone Birthstone
and Initial on Sterling Silver Leaf Charm

Your choice of 3 Birthstone Gemstones
In Gold

 New! 24K electroplated Real Starfish
**SOLD OUT!!!**

My Gold Sand Dollar Birthstone Charm Necklace
New! 24K electroplated Real Sand Dollar 

The Hot thing now is personalization of your jewelry.  Everyone wants to wear their birthstones and have their initial or full name or of their loved ones.  Get yours now...

In my shop, Stacy's Designs 88 (click Here to go there), I have several different Birthstone & Initial necklaces for you to choose from.   

Over the years, I've handpicked a large collection of real Gemstones.  I have All the Birthstones for each of the 12 months. In the listing, you'll see the choices of gemstones for you to choose from. 

Recently, I purchased my new supplies and their Fabulous! I really love my 24K electroplated charms. Real Sand Dollars, Sea Horses, and Starfishes have been electroplated in Real Gold...24K.  Also, got my hands on these Gorgeous Sterling Silver Leaf charms. I handstamp them with your Initial. My Two Loves necklaces have been very Popular.

These necklaces will make the perfect gift for your Loved one and for Yourself. ♥

Click Here to get to my shop and purchase now.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Vintage Footstool...Project from Tif's Workshop

Vintage Footstool Transformation...

I purchased the above stool from an Etsy shopowner. 
I loved the little feet and her dark mahagony color. 
She's the perfect size for me to use when sitting on my couch 
so my feet don't "dangle" down. 

 At Tif's workshop in September 2010, 
I created this footstool topper using vintage light Aqua fabric and
sewed on vintage doilies and handsewed on vintage Mother of Pearl buttons. 

This little pretty looks very good in her new cottage home. 


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