Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do-IT-Yourself DIY Holiday Gift Bag Using Recyclable Material

Handcrafted Customized Gift Bags
Using Recyclable Shopping Bags

Step 1: Use any Shopping Bag with Handle that you have around your house.
Using your Holiday Gift Wrapping Paper, cut 2 pieces
whatever dimensions to cover both Back and Front of the Bag.
You can draw out the cutting marks on the Junk side of the gift wrap and then cut.
Or You can even Free Hand cut the pieces.
You Don't have to be precise.
It's all up to you.

Step 2: Apply Glue or Double stick Tape to the backs of both cut wrapping paper.
I like to use my handy Glue Stick (versus liquid type glue like Elmer's) because it's Easy, Dry, and Sticks well.
Double Stick tape works well won't come off that's for sure.

Step 3: Adhere your glued or taped wrapping paper to Both sides of the Bag.

Step 4: Ta Dah! You are done! Wasn't that Fast and Easy?
You can custom create bags to work with your holiday theme and
create matching or coordinating Gift Tags or cards.
Place your Gift inside the bag,
add a bunch of Tissue Paper at the top,
tie on a Snowball (see previous article on how to make these),
and your Gift Tag.
Voila, you are done!

A Quick, Easy, Customized Gift Bag
Easy on your Wallet, Great for the Earth, and best of all
Handcrafted by You!

There's no need to spend $5 on a Fancy Gift Bag. You can create your own. It's fast and fun to do. You can make one in less than 5 minutes.

This would be the Perfect Holiday Craft project to do with your children on Furlough Fridays. You can even adhere a Photo of your children or your Family Photo Card to the Front in the Center of the Wrapping Paper.

Be creative and add more embellishments like Garland to the top of the bag (glue careful it's's better if you do this instead of your kids), glue gun a silk flower Poinsettia or two, tie on some Christmas Jingle Bells...whatever you want to do. It's all up to your imagination.

Your Giftee will be pleasantly surprised when she/he receives their Holiday gift in a handcrafted bag made by you and your children.

If you blog about your creations or post it on the web, please send me a link so we can all see your creative handiwork. Have Fun!

Stay tuned and Check back because I'll be posting more DIY Do-It-Yourself Gift Wrapping Ideas all the way to Christmas.


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