Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Coz's Fab Girls' Trip To Boston Massachusetts

Our Girls' trip to Boston
food, fun and friendship

Guest Blogger: introducing my cousin Dianne from Southern California

"Hi"----I'm Dianne, Stacy's cousin, and former traveling partner (Italy and London). One of my college roomies and I took a girls' trip and met up in Boston this past May. One of the best things about traveling back east in the spring time is the flowers. They are everywhere and Absolutely BeaUtiFuL.

This is one of my favorite tulip pics taken at the Boston Public Garden.

Excuse me,
which way is it to Cheers?

The Freedom Trail is a must do while in Boston. Our guide not only gave us a quick history lesson on the city of Boston and the start of our country, but was quite entertaining and funny. Not to mention, also offered some good tips on eateries and local pubs. You can't
leave Boston without going to a pub!

Death By Canoli
What a way to Go!

If you are a foodie, visit Modern Pastry in Boston's North End. The canolis are TOO DIE FOR!!! Walking around the North End (Italian part of town) we noticed a long line and decided to find out why all the fuss. Question answered as soon as I bit into my very first canoli.

This is a pic of another one of their tasty delights, a lobster . . .creamy custard filling in a puff pastry treat, and, of course, covered in powdered sugar.

OMG, How did you do this?
Stacy's favorite pic

The flowers were amazing, and I love my digital camera. This was my attempt to be artsy and playing with the "color accent" feature on my Canon SD1000.

It was a perfect Saturday afternoon and although we started our trip with Boston being overcast and rainy, the days following were filled with sunshine. . . perfect spring days.

HOT Travel tip: I took a chance and checked out, which listed a 4 star hotel in the Copley Place district. Asked around and found out this was a great part of town. Got very lucky with a room at the Westin for $130/night (including all taxes, etc). Called ahead as I flew in on the red-eye and the Westin also accomodated me with an early check-in of 8 am. (Way to go Di!)

Perfect Ending to a Perfect Trip
Thanks Di!


joonbeam said...

Which weekend in May? We had our BBEST Team's first ever meet up here the weekend of the 16th/17th. Wouldn't it be something if we were all passing one another around down on the common! I have got to get to Modern Pastry before I move I see! I wonder if hotwire can help us as we cross the country? Never heard of it. Off to investigate.

Did they do the duck tour? I have pics on my flickr of Scout piloting the boat!

ox joon

Everyday Moments said...

Sounds like an awesome trip :). Love your 'artsy' photo :). Welcome back!

Dianne said...

Hi Joon, sorry for the late reply. We were there Mother's Day weekend (as our Mom's are back home in Hawaii and we now live on the mainland). I can't recall if that's the same weekend you were talking about, but it would be funny if we were there at the same time! As for Modern, yes, have the canoli and the lobster tail. . . YUM!!! Give Hotwire a shot. Sometimes it comes up with GREAT deals, other times, eh. When it lists the general location, I research on my own to try to narrow down the hotel option and whether or not it's something I'd like. So far, I've had some pretty good deals, but the Westin in Copley was by far the BEST!

Dianne said...

Thanks everyday! I love photography and have taken classes in high school and college. These pics, however, I give credit to my camera and the beautiful Boston scenery/weather!


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