Saturday, July 12, 2008

the Anniversary Edition

One year. One year never seems like a year. It sometimes feel like it goes really fast or it's really slow. We've been busy with Stacy's Etsy store and I've been expanding my cooking repertoire. It went really fast! (Oh, I forgot to introduce myself.) Hello, I'm Jimmy, Stacy's other half.

We just had our FIRST anniversary. One year of happy togetherness. Come with me for a little trip back to that day on July 8, 2007:

She amazes me every day. She made her own bouquet.
Thanks to many friends and family who helped with the arrangements.

It was a really nice day.
Beautiful sunshine and a great location for our ceremony.
If you come to Oahu, spend some time at the Halekulani Hotel.
Go for brunch at the water's edge.

The Happy Couple♥♥

Thanks to Gina & Mike Goldman of Pixoflife Photography. They did a great job capturing our wedding. We were able to see how everyone was enjoying themselves. See their website at

Our slideshow is still on there...check out our wedding--click here on their blog. Ours is the 3rd couple down dated July 16, 2007. Click on Slideshow to see the awesome slideshow she created for our wedding.

BTW, the bridal jewelry that Stacy's wearing was designed and created by Stacy to match her Anne Namba custom made Kimono Obi bustier and silk skirt. The gold pendant necklace was my mother's wedding gift to Stacy which she was able to personally give to Stacy right before my mother passed away. Stacy added her own special touches of pearls to the chain so that it would match the rest of her bridal jewelry.


Bobbi said...

Ah - it's nice to hear from the hubby's!

sheasy said...

Congrats on your Anniversary!! You two make a beautiful couple. So sweet!


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