Monday, July 28, 2008

the misadventures of unofficial assistant

to do do do...

My trusty little assistant Tobey checks out the prop as I'm getting ready for the shoot.
Quiet on the set!

everything looks A-OK mom!
but what's that shiny thing...

Tobey, don't get funny. Concentrate on the shoot!

oooooooh, LoVe this shiny thing
can't help it...drawn to...shiny things...

Tobey! Put that down right now. Fly! Fly! Fly!

really mom, whose the boss here?
whose the big enchilada?
whose the big mango?
who? who?

Don't get funny! I mean! I'm trying to get the shot! Fly!

i'm going to really get it
but let's see if i can push one more button...

You better Fly right now Tobey!

i'll just fly away right now
bye! To doo loo!


Bobbi said...

To cute! Is Tobey also a watch-bird? I bet he'd scare any intruders away!

Karen said...

Tobey is very cute. I'm thinking of getting a bird. Are they messy?

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Messy? Hmmmm....Tobey LoVes to shred paper. She's attracted to colorful paper but any will do in a pinch. I was tossing the idea around of selling her shredded paper on Etsy. Can you see it... "beak cut pieces of paper for all your collaging needs"!

I always say that Birds are little feathered dogs. And a happy healthy bird is treated like a treasured family dog. Tobey needs and gets attention every single day from me and Jimmy. She's on our shoulders, watchihng everything we do, eats with us, etc. etc.

If you're interested in getting a bird, then perhaps read some bird forums, get some mags and books on the type of bird you want for more helpful info, speak to others on how to raise a young bird, etc.

Lovebirds are Very curious, love to talk---"bird talk" that is, have a natural tendency to bite...which she doesn't do often but will do at times when she wants something or doesn't want to go back into her bird home, aka cage.

But, we LoVe our Tobey. She's a riot. Never a dull moment with this little blue gal. And I wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

Livy said...

she so pretty and cute!

diatsuzuk said...

How can you not love Tobey?! I think she's a character like her mama.

Everyday Moments said...

Tobey is so beautiful! My daughter wants a bird, I'm debating on getting her one for her b'day. I'm still undecided lol - she's 17 but not to on top of changing the kitty litter, etc. I don't want to end up being the one who does all the cage (umm, bird home ) cleaning. That was a hilarious post :) :).

Vanessa said...

Hehe too cute!!

VerĂ£o said...

This reminds me of Disney's Cinderella and all of her "helpers" when she made her own gown!

joonbeam said...

Stacy, This is so adorable I can hardly stand it. I didn't know you had Tobey! Do you have any other pets? We have 3 cats and a beagle and Scout LOVES birds. She loves animals. She wants a pigeon! And because we move so much that's a future dream, so we're thinking about another bird. I wonder.... People do have cats and birds but how do you know you have a bird friendly cat?

Thanks so much for the fun! Your blog is always a delight.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Lucky for Tobey, she's our One and Only. I think she would be so jealous if we had any other pets in the house. When she's on Jimmy's shoulder, I always call them 2 the Pirate and his Parrot! Bird Loving Cat?...I guess you'll never really know but will have to hope for the best...and make sure the bird is nowhere near that cat! ;)


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