Sunday, August 3, 2008

Make a Wish for a Banner...and then Nicole appeared

The Make A Wish Charm Necklace
Inspired by Nicole
My Gift to Her
in appreciation

I always believe that God, the World, your Spirit Guides, in mysterious ways. I never cease to be surprised and delighted with the unexpected twists and turns and lovely strolls I've taken in my journey called Life.

Mantra for this Week----Believe and it will come True.

Back in June, I got an unexpected Convo thru my Etsy shop from Nicole Tattersall who is a fellow Etsian with a shop of her own. She found me via WeLoveEtsy, a social network site she and I both belong to. She wrote:

i saw your banner and i don't think it does your items justice...
please let me offer to design you a new one..
no catch...
just wanting to do something nice.
if you don't like it you don't have to use it...
or if you don't want to take up my offer
i won't be offended but would love to do something nice
for you...

The funky thing was that I was just thinking that Very Same Thing when I woke up that morning. The direction of my jewelry had significantly changed from where I had begun 5 months prior when I first created that banner. Now, my banner did not reflect my work. I knew I had to create a new one and soon

Then, that Same night, I received Nicole's Convo and I was soooo HapPy. I immediately replied. She was sooo sweet and nice. An Aussie graphic designer. I couldn't believe my good fortune.

We Convo'd for about a month. I told her what direction and feel I wanted to go with my banner, sent her some photos of my jewelry that I wanted in my banner, and then let her go and create. She came back with some terrific designs. I made some more suggestions as I wanted more color and wanted a water color effect.

Nicole came back with this BeAuTiFuL Banner featuring my True Love Butterfly necklace. I LoVed it! Check it out

Nicole made several designs which she let me keep and use
Currently, I have this lovely banner in my shop
I LoVe it!

She also did a matching Avatar featuring my True Love Heart necklace for me to use.

the True Love Avatar
which I use as my internet signature

As she created the banner and the avatar as a Gift to me, I wanted to create a Gift for her in appreciation for all that she did for me...a stranger...and now an internet international friend. Nicole told me to to surprise her. So, knowing which of my jewelry she admired and the type of jewelry she like to wear, I got inspired and created a fab vintage charm necklace which I called "Make A Wish" b/c that's exactly what I did and how we met.

vintage glass chandelier, locket, rose cabachon,
swarovski pearls on a vintage brass chain
Make A Wish...the Necklace

Umbrella and Snow
Another cute Nicole print

Nicole's Zebra original artwork
super cute

Please check out Nicole's Also, please take a look at her super cute original works and prints like her "Zebra" a 12 x 10 inch original painting on canvas, and her "Umbrella and Snow", and 8x10 inch digital print.

Nicole's doggie Drifter with My
Care Package to Nicole
from Hawaii
to Australia

Make a Wish and It Will come True. Believe it, I do.

Update: Nicole sent this super cute photo of Drifter keeping guard over her package from me. Nicole plans to wear her charm necklace to work today and to a concert she's going to. Yayyy! Alls well that ends well. Part 2 coming to a theatre near you.


Nicole said...

that is soooo... sweet thank you for letting me help you out!


Bobbi said...

Very nice! I like your Mantra for this Week - "Believe and it will come True"!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Yes, I think this is a Good Mantra everyday for everybody. ;) Stacy

diatsuzuk said...

Definitely a great mantra to say daily to remind us of what we can accomplish. Thanks :o)


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