Friday, August 8, 2008

Handpainted Girly Girl Pins

Girly Girl Handpainted Clothes Pins

Paint, silk flowers, rhinestones, ribbons, and Amy Butler favs. I got the urge to create something I could use on a daily basis while using all my favorite things. So, I created these super cute girly girl clothes pin clips.

inspirational thoughts

Each is handpainted---robin's egg blue and apple green. Pretty Amy Butler paper was modge podged onto the fronts. There's a handwritten inspirational thought on the back of each. Pretty ribbons, silk flowers, and rhinestones glam up the fronts in girly girl style.

robin's blue and apple green...oh my!

I plan to use these cuties as bookmarks and paperclips.

no more hum drum paper clips!

cute bookmark for girly girl books

LoVe them♥


Bobbi said...

Those are so cute! Now why didn't I think of that?

sheasy said...

Stacy! These are so cute. Sorry it has been so long. Glad to see you ar busy and you are creating such cute pins!!

diatsuzuk said...

Wow Stac! So you and so fun . . . cute!


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