Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Abby's Custom Bridal Jewelry Order

Abby's GorGeoUs Wedding Gown

Abby is my official Etsy Internet Pal. She is a fan of my bridal jewelry and appreciated my "eye" and style. She wanted a complete bridal jewelry set...necklace, bracelet, and chandelier earrings. It all started with the "True Love" earrings. She LoVed them and wanted the other pieces to have the same feel---romantic, eclectic, and a bit sexy.

After Convos back and forth (my GF asked me recently---what's a "Convo"? They are emails thru my Etsy shop ), I came up with this Mock Design...she LoVed it, I LoVed it, We All LoVed it!

mock up design with the True Love feel

How do I come up with my designs?

It's a "feeling". I look at the pearls, crystals, beads that I have, I think about my client and review my notes and photos, and then something "pops" into my head. Sometimes the design and pattern comes to me really quickly. Other times, I have to futz around with the placement of the components over and over again. When I start designing, I can sit there at my table and design for hours on end. When I get into the "groove", I can't stop. I keep on going b/c I have that "feeling". It's a rush...indescribable.

Abby's Custom Made Bridal Jewelry

Abby wanted 3 strands for her necklace, 2 strands for her bracelet, and a long version of the True Love earrings.

Everything is timing and luck. While Convo'g with Abby, I happened to luck across some beautiful Vintage Miriam Haskell faux pearls and Marjorca pearls. I had to use them in Abby's beauties. They were the perfect additions.

For her jewelry, I used a large variety of components----vintage Miriam Haskell faux cream pearls, vintage Marjarco, Swarovski crystal pearls in various sizes in both white and lt cream, glass seed beads, Swarovski crystals in various sizes, Sterling silver liquid silver beads, Oxidized sterling silver spacer beads, and vintage clear and frosted glass beads.

This is definitely a design that you can only find in my Etsy shop.

2 Strand True Love--Abby Bracelet

3 strand True Love---Abby Necklace

True Love---Abby Earrings

After completing her bridal jewelry, I was kinda stumped with how to box these lovelies. Obviously, they didn't fit in my normal jewelry boxes. Luckily, I'm a bit of a pack rat and had kept a William Sonoma's box which W&S gave me when I registered for their wedding registry. It was so cute that I couldn't toss it. It was plain white inside and out. I got crafty and using my Close To My Heart paper, decorated the inside and out. I hand stamped a special design and handwrote a special note especially for Abby from me.

The Outside of the Jewelry Box
Decorated by Moi! ;)

A special note to Abby from Me

My Hand Decorated Box
especially for Abby's Custom Bridal Jewelry

I didn't stop there...I wrapped the box in a beautiful burnt orange satin ribbon and girly girl'd it up with a silk yellow daisy. The entire box was done up in Abby's wedding colors.

Update: Abby and her fiance really LoVed her bridal ensemble. I'm so HapPy! Congratulations Abby on your upcoming wedding!

And they lived happily ever after...


VerĂ£o said...

Beautiful! Pearls always exude class! I love the three layers!

Livy said...

Hey Stacy! Actually I have a dell (about two years old) (I wish I had gotten a mac only because I love the pretty white ones) Anyway, I wish I could give advice on computers, but that is so not my department. lol. My boyfriend helped me shop for this one; it's been a good computer - although the hard drive did crash last spring. But I've heard that's common with laptops since they get moved around quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

This is a typical Stacyism- she makes thing with love from her heart. I have been the grateful recipient of many precious gifts from Stacy in the form of her special designs and have had numerous compliments each and every time I have worn them, they are even more special because they have come from my BFF.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Hi my Aussie BFF...JoAnne!

Your words made me choke up. Thank you dear friend. Missing you always but always feeling like you are still in Kailua. I truly appreciate our friendship. Aloha & Mahalo...Stacy ;)

Gabriell said...

Awesome designs of jewelry!! I love all these!!


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