Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Amy Butler "Velma Bag"...My First Sewing Project Completed!

I dusted off my vintage Bernina sewing machine which I LoVe but have ignored for awhile. Inspired by my obsession with Amy Butler prints and purses, I bought this Velma Bag pattern and super cute Amy Butler fabric from a terrific Etsy shop...Fabricsupplies. I wanted to use this cute purse at my nephew's upcoming wedding on Saturday at Kahala Hotel & Resort.

When the fabric and pattern arrived, I was soooo excited. I washed all the fabric, went out and bought everything else I would need, and then started cutting out the pieces. It's been YEARS since I've sewn a pattern and I was a bit nervous that I would screw this up.

Isn't this the Cutest?!

Realizing that I needed to get it done and soon, I carried out my trusty machine and just dove into the project. Before I knew it, it was past 12 midnight and I was almost done. I couldn't believe how simple this pattern was to sew. The instructions are so easy to follow and they have helpful pictures.

My Trusty Vintage Bernina Sewing Machine

I completed the strap this morning, added my vintage looking chartreuse flower brooch to the front as a girly girl touch, and Voila! The purse is complete and ready for me to use. Yayyyy!

For those afraid to start sewing again, here's your manta for this week: "if Stacy can do it, then I can too. "

P.S. Here's the next Amy Butler project I'm going to attack. I bought the same fabric as seen in the photo.

The Next Project


VerĂ£o said...

Great bag!! Amy Butler sure has great fabric! I am checking that etsy store out!

Livy said...

Ooo. A vintage sewing machine! I'm so jealous, I've been wanting one that I can actually make things on for a while even though I am such a terrible sewer.


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