Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rescue 911-My New Vintage Dresser---Love it!

I just rescued this beautiful vintage dresser with mirror, it's matching night stand and chest of drawers. My neighbors' mother (97 years old--almost 100!) just passed away and they were cleaning out her house. I saw the back of this dresser on the porch and my interest was piqued. I was hoping to see my neighbors to ask about the furniture. My husband and I kept an eye out for them, but no luck.

The next day, I saw a sign on it for pick-up by a not-to-be-named non-profit. My heart dropped. I rushed through their gates realizing it's "now or never". I found my neighbor in his mom's house and asked about whether I could have the furniture. He said that he had another bedroom set in one of the rooms and I could choose between the two. Apparently, he wanted to give the non-profit one since they had been called already to bring their truck. Ok, I really wanted both sets but I got the message.

So, I looked at both sets and chose this one. I really love the shabby chic ivory paint and robin's nest blue handles. The mirror is just lovely.
My neighbor said that these pieces were about 70 years old. Gorgeous.

My husband helped me clean them up and he did some minor repairs to make them more sturdy. This set is going to replace our dresser which is falling apart.

I say "rescue" because no one could love this gorgeous grand old lady as much as me.

I'm in heaven. Sigh!

Hope you had a terrific weekend-----Stacy

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Anonymous said...

My goodness,
This is all new to me, but I DID leave you a comment here earlier today, and now I don't see it. I must not have completed the "transaction." Anyway, I said that your dresser surely is a TREASURE, and that your beautiful Circle of Love Glass Bottle would fit gorgeously on your new furniture aquisition. I also said that I'd better start driving around in your neighborhood! Thank you for all of your responses. I can't wait for our Summer barbeque with our families!


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