Friday, February 19, 2010

Jennifer's Bridesmaids Jewelry...and One for Herself :)

7 Moonlight Sonata Necklaces with Long 7 Inch Extender Chains
Lucky Bridesmaids

The Two (2) Strand Moonlight Sonata Necklace
A lovely necklace for you and your Bridesmaids to wear

The Long & Sexy 7 Inch Extender Chain in back
With Matching Swarovski Crystal Pendant

All wrapped up and ready to box

Decorated Jewelry Boxes in Her Bridal Colors
Ready for Gift Giving

My newest bride customer, Jennifer, ordered 7 sets of my Moonlight Sonata 2 Two strand Swarovski Crystal Necklaces with a Long & Sexy 7 Inch Extender Chain in the back. She specially requested the long extender chain and I was happy to oblige. My brides always come up with the best ideas. And, I always aim to please. ♥

Just LoVe the way the turned out.

I take great pleasure in ensuring that All my brides are HaPpY from their Jewelry, to their Gift Boxes. I work with my brides to give them what they desire in the way of jewelry. Lots of times this involves me researching for new supplies or working with the bride on their special jewelry design. After creating their jewelry, I also take the time to beautifully decorate their jewelry boxes in my bride's colors. This is my Bride's special day and I want her to be Happy.

Right now in my shops, if your total jewelry order is at least $250, you will get 10% off your entire order. Brides, this is the best time to get all your Bridal jewelry for your bridesmaids, your flower girls, your Mothers, and don't forget wear to your Engagement photo shoot, your Bridal Showers, your Rehearsal Reception, your Wedding Day, and on your Honeymoon. This is your time and it should be a joyful and memorable one.

Please, come and visit me and my 3 Etsy shops... Stacy's Designs 88, Blue Lovebirds, and Lilikoi Cottage.


kimbuktu said...

So gorgeous Stacy!

I didn't know you had 3 shops now. It looks like all are doing well, and it is no wonder. You do beautiful work.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Thanks Kim! You've made my day. :)


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