Monday, July 13, 2009

Vintage Finds at Local Estate Sale

My newest find at an Estate Sale...Yay!
A close-up of the needle work.

Picture No. 1
This one came as a cute

Isn't this little bear so cute?

I just had to adopt this cutie.

Here's the 2nd framed Bird Piece

A Happy pair of Bears in their New home ♥

This weekend, a friend told me about this terrific Estate sale. Jimmy and I couldn't pass this one up. The house was gorgeous...should've took photos. There were so many neat things. This is just the "tip" of the iceberg of the treasures I found.

This pair of framed needlework yellow birds was my Last find and I kept staring at them wondering where I would put them. I realized that I couldn't walk away from these cutie birds or else I would always regret it. You ever get that feeling where you know if you don't get it it'll bother you for a LONG time? I get those feelings and it normally causes me to linger and ponder. Then, I realize that if I don't get them I'll be kicking myself. So, after some hesitation and hemming and hawing, I got them. They are now in our room...Jimmy doesn't know that I hung them there yet. I'm thinking of giving the frame a white pickled type of coat.

Now the bears I just snatched up as soon as I saw them. The lady who used to have them passed away during New Years time and she was a textile professor. She had collected a lot of things. Bears, birds, and cats were some of her collection themes. I just thought these 2 bears were so adorable. I couldn't believe that the calico looking one was knitted together.

I also picked up some boxes of lovely vintage Xmas ornaments, black lace, beads, vintage knitting booklets, vintage sewing supplies. Jimmy found a gorgeous south western blanket and piece of woven fabric, a lovely vintage mother of pearl handled pocket knife and some brass pots. I haven't gone garage/estate sale shopping in awhile so this was Fun!


Claire said...

Love your finds!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Thanks Claire! I love your refab ideas.


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