Saturday, April 26, 2008

Circle of Love---Glass Container

Just wanted to share my creation for the Circle Challenge for my Etsy Gal Pal Group, Create A Day. For weeks, I pondered what to make, what to make...And then, it hit me. Decorate my glass containers. I've always loved glass, still do. And in the past, I used to paint flowers and such on glass containers---bottles, plates, etc. All my friends and relatives loved them and would buy them up. I started thinking again about glass containers again b/c I do love them.

So, I decided to work on this glass container b/c of its unusual ovalish shape which is comforting to my eyes. I glued various sea shells, real fresh water pearls, and glass that I have onto it.

The round white shells with a hole in the center are known in Hawaii as "puka shells". The word "puka" means hole in Hawaiian. When I was a young child, there was a mad craze with these puka shells and lots of people were collecting them at the beaches and turning them into necklaces, bracelets, earrings for everyone to wear. These things were expensive, especially if the shells were all uniformed in shape, color and size. It cost a lot b/c of the time and effort it took to find them and then sort them and then have enough of one type for that uniform look. My aunt and her family used to make these and I still have my necklace and bracelet.

Anyway, I have a stash of these puka shells which I got from a friend. I thought these would be perfect to use for this very challenge for obvious reasons.

I've attached an oxidized copper "love" tag that I have attached to the top of the container with vintage cord. This tag was made by my husband Jimmy! He's been teaching himself to engrave. He's created several neat engraving gadgets and tools for his engraving obsession. Anyway, I asked him to engrave this tag specially for this container. Love it.

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