Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lesson Learned Today---Don't Take a Famous Dead Author's Name in Vain--aka Don't Name Your $20 Pair of Earrings After Him---By Him I Mean Dr. Seuss

Looked at Majaba View Counter to check out the views on my shop and saw that I was less 1 item. Yayyyy! This means someone bought something. Do do do on my email to check out which one got sold. EEEEEEeeeeeekkkkkk! Got an email from Etsy--2 exactly---that they inactivated 1 of my earrings b/c I named it "Dr. Seuss No. 2" and they actually received an email from Dr. Seuss Corp's attorney. Yikes! They were complaining about my use of "Dr. Seuss" as my earrings name. So, Etsy inactivated it. I wasn't really scared sXXtless b/c I thought "wow, such fuss over a $20 pair of earrings". (See photo above---the infamous pair of earrings)

Do do do do...I started a new listing and renamed the formerly known as "Dr. Seuss No. 2" earrings to "Candies Forever No. 2". I was contemplating renaming them "Candy Land" but thought against doing that. God forbid Hasbro or whatever company owns Candy Land were to complain. Then, I renamed my new earrings "Cindy Crawford's Mole" to "Looks like Cindy Crawford's Mole". God forbid Hollywood comes after me and I end up on E Entertainment with Cindy crying into the camera with the Cat in the Hat (anime style) hugging her and providing her with moral support. Egads!

Wow, how did they find out about my little ole pair of earrings? Does this mean there's an attorney or attorneys or their sidekicks, aka paralegals, doing Google searches everyday looking for any innocent harmless soul who unwittingly and unknowingly takes the name of Dr. Seuss in vain? And then sends out a letter to cease and desist? Wow! I didnt' know that I hit the big time.

Oh well, lessoned learned. Here's some photos of my now renamed "Candies Forever" line (formerly "Dr. Seuss"). If anyone can come up with a better name, please...I'm open to suggestions. What about "Seussy Baboosy"? Agh, that might get me into trouble again.

Update: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 4:45pm Hawaii time
Guess what! I just checked my computer and looked at my shop and discovered that some male new customer just bought (I'm assuming it's a gift and paid via Paypal) one of the formerly known as "Dr. Seuss No. 4", now known as "Candies Forever No. 4". OMG, I think I have not only a parking fairy (that's a whole 'nother story) but I have a jewelry fairy too. Yayyy! Bythe way, the earrings that was just purchased are the ones below with the pink large vintage lucite beads and green vintage flowers. ;)

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robayre said...

That is just crazy.
When I was in grade school in the 80's our class had a project where we read a dr. seuss book, made ooblick and then wrote him a letter. The geatest thing was...he wrote us back, a handwritten letter! We had it on display in the classroom the rest of the year.
I'd like to think that if he were alive today he wouldn't be so controlling of the use of his name. I'd like to just keep the happy memory of him untainted, lol. The earrings are lovely and so very Seussian. I'm glad they were purchased.


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