Monday, April 28, 2008

Latest Find---Antique Keys and Cool Crystal DooDads

Last week, my husband Jimmy and I went down the street to check-out a nearby garage sale, or rather house wide sale, on a Friday. weird day for a garage sale. unusual man selling his collections of things that i guess he decided he could live without. he knew the history behind whatever you touched be it old cigarette trading cards with racing cars on them to little postcards with barbara cartland like drawings on them. you could tell he was an avid collector of stuff. trading cards, baseball cards, name it he probably had it.

well, we looked thru his "leftovers" the things he didn't mind parting with. they were all still so cool but some of the prices were---to me---not a fanatic collector---too pricey. guess he got the hint that i was willing to spend so much and i really wasn't in any mood to haggle, so after awhile his prices got a tad bit lower or maybe he really didn't give a rats behind that he would be parting with his barbara cartland like postcards for a song. i really wanted them b/c they reminded me of all those cartland books with her overly masculine handsome men who saved the english damsel from some barbarians and such. ohhhh, brings back sweet memories. ok, wiping drool off of my mouth...i digress.

besides the set of 6 postcards, my hubbie got a cool looking glass container with a pretty metal cover, some antique keys found in the guy's dresser drawer. he told us that he got the keys from the different antique pieces of furniture that he collected over the years. told you he had a story for everything. anyway, as i was giving him his money for our finds, it was $1 short of a $20. so, i caved in and got the cool crystal round faceted doo dads which he said he didn't know what they were but thought they were too neat to toss.

here's a photo of the keys and the crystal doo dads. enjoy! planning to turn the keys into cool vintage necklaces which i'll later post in my etsy come by and check it out. thanks! ;)

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AbbeyTek said...

Cool I just got into collecting antique keys myself .
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it gives me the chance to get the keys i want to keep and sell the rest to buy more keys lol if anyone would like to see the ones i got for sale just got to and it will take you right to my ebay store .
hope you have as much fun as i do with this.


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