Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Etsy Funk is Over...for now

I only started adding to my blog yesterday. Why? I've been MIA because I was in an Etsy funk. Nothing was selling in my shop and I was thinking "why?" and driving myself crazy like a loony person thinking all sort of crazy thoughts spinning in my head.

I kept putting new creations in my shop. And at times I felt like I was "chasing" a sale---making things that "others" might like but not necessarily my normal "style" that I sell. Like my Understated Beauty line. Which while I never really made "simple and understated" pieces to sell to my friends and customers in Hawaii, I actually did create "simple" pieces for myself to wear on a daily basis. You know, that "throw it on and wear it with anything" kind of pretty yet uncomplicated jewelry. I just never thought that my customers in Hawaii who normally buy from me would want something like this.

Then I realized that you can either have a whole bunch of the same look in your store or you can change it up and try to attract different markets. It's not necessarily "chasing", it's running a business. But, after couple weeks, I didn't think that my Understated Beauty line was striking a cord in anyone b/c nothing was moving at all.

Until this Saturday and then boom, boom--2 sales both outside USA---one from Canada, the other from England. Wow! Had to learn how to fill out those International forms and then stand in line at the post office to mail them to foreign lands. The 2 gals bought necklaces from my Understated Beauty line. So, I decided to forge on and create more simple but elegant, wear everyday and any occasion jewelry.

Here's some of my newest creations that I made using my fav pearls---Keshi pearls. I love these pearls that I picked up at the Tucson trade show this year b/c they have such a beautiful nacre and luster to them---love the color...creamy rosey color. Keshi pearls cost me a pretty penny (vs. the cost of your standard fresh water pearls) but totally worth it. They remind me of dainty rose petals. No two are alike which makes them all that more special. Check out my Etsy Shop for all my creations---I've made quite a few newbies.


Anonymous said...

All gorgeous pieces here! I also love your coin fresh water pearl creation, and your fresh water pearls with apricot color creation! So soft and romantic!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Thank you! It's so good to hear what others have to say. Most of the times it feels like I'm talking into the wind and I don't know if anyone can hear me. Thanks for your kind comments. Really appreciate it. ;)


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