Thursday, April 17, 2008

Flowers In My Garden

Again, on my quest to save things vintage, I spotted this cute barrel (which turned out to be plastic---but you can't tell) with "fake" water spout on my neighbor's grass waiting to be taken to the garbage dump. I decided it would make a cute planter with a little TLC.

So I took over to my yard where it sat for a bit. When I had the energy to tackle this project, I took out my trusty spray paints---white and black---and sprayed the areas to cover up the old paint which was a green yucky color. My husband drilled some holes on the bottom, placed some rocks on the bottom, and filled it with the big big bag of soil he bought from Home Depot. I planted some pansies (which I love), thyme, mint, and tried some Manoa Lettuce and mixed lettuce. Here's some photos of my pansies and the cute planter barrel. The lettuce isn't doing so well, kinda wilting---think it's too hot and it needs a lot of water.

In our garden, we aren't able to grow the beautiful bulbs like you gals on the continent. Here's some photos of the orchids that are blooming and the cute clover flowers in a pot. Our garden is so cute and green...I love it. Here are some photos of the other plants growing in our garden.

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