Thursday, April 3, 2008

From Sheasy's Shop---Little Pink Bunny--New Craft Room Mascot

Newly arrived---just hopped down the lane to my white cottage today...Little Pink Bunny from Sheasy's shop. You have to check out Sheasy's Etsy shop ( it has the cutest little handsewn felt creations like cupcakes and little capped mushrooms. So cute! This little bunny is going to be my craft room mascot. She'll be looking down at me when I'm creating my new jewelry.

Ever see the movie "Amelie"? That offbeat Parisian movie about a shy coffee shop (or is it a pattisserie?) waitress who tries to make the lives of the people around her better---like her dad and the garden gnome who keeps traveling to a bunch of different countries and magically sends her dad back photos showing the gnome's latest trip.

Well, here's some photos that Little Pink wanted me to take of her to capture her first day in Hawaii and the new friends that she's made so far. The first photo, Little Pink with her new friend Rocko on the front step. The second photo, Little Pink meeting her new next door neighbor Mr. Woo. And lastly, Little Pink taking some time to smell the flowers. I think she likes it here. ;)

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sheasy said...

Little Pink looks so happy! Great pictures!


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