Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mystery Solved...My Necklace Is in the Etsy Storque

Simply Something Blue...
Aquamarine Baroque Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Yesterday started off as an ordinary day until I started getting "hearted" ♥ in my Etsy shop, Blue Lovebirds. When I say "♥", I mean a lot. People started ♥ various jewelry pieces and started ♥ my shop. Yayyyy!

I checked and was not featured on the Etsy Front Page. Scratch scratch... I wasn't featured in someone's awesome Treasury. Scratch scratch. Everytime I noticed that whoever hearted me also ♥ this gorgeous hand crafted wedding gown, I knew something was up.

So, I finally just googled both Thread Bare's name and mine together and found this Etsy Storque article, Etsy Finds: Pearls of Wisdom. Wow! It just came out yesterday. There must be a lot of gals reading the Etsy Storque articles. Publicity is pretty neat, especially when it's unexpected...and free. :) Thanks Etsy! Thanks Emily!

Looking for unique, gorgeous, handcrafted with Love jewelry to wear on your Wedding Day? Please visit my Etsy shops.... Stacy's Designs 88, and my newest Bridal shop.... Blue Lovebirds for lovely wedding jewelry for you, your bridesmaids, your flower girls, and your family to wear on your Special Day.

Aloha from Hawaii!


thecraftbegins said...

Oh hooray, good for you! I dig that necklace - those baroque crystals are one of my favorite things ever. And I'm totally digging that dress too. Congrats!

robayre said...

Awesome and Congrats!
You can always use http://craftcult.com to check and see where you are featured as well. It shows you if you have been on the front page, the storque, or an etsy gift guide, as well as how many views you have, who has hearted you and what items have been hearted. Whenever I notice my hearts going up I'll check there and see if I've been featured somewhere else.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

rob, the weird thing is that i checked craftcult and it doesn't show that i'm in the storque. scary! so that's why i did the google search.


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