Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How to Make Cute Tags---Pictorial Tutorial

How-To Make this Cute Tag
Stacy's Pictorial-Tutorial

A friend once told me that I should do some tutorials in my blog. Ok, that was awhile ago...and she knows who she is. So, while I was creating more of my "Thank You" tags which I enclose with customer's jewelry purchases from my Etsy shops... Stacy's Designs 88, Blue Lovebirds, and Lilikoi Cottage (I know, terrible egotistical shop plugs!)...I thought this would be a good time to snap the process for you all.

When I package my jewelry orders to send out to my customers, I always enclose a handmade "Thank You" card. On the blank back, I handwrite a special thanks to each customer. I love doing it my personal touch. I always feel like I'm sending a gift out and these are my friends, not just a customer. I'm really into the packaging bc I want everyone to feel like they are receiving a Birthday gift from me. It gives me a thrill imagining their face when they open the bubble manila envelope and pull out their specially wrapped gift box. I want them to smile and feel Happy and Special!

My array of supplies: 1) blank shipping tags from craft or supply store,
2) Close To My Heart Inked Stamp pads, 3) Close To My Heart Acrylic handles,
4) Close To My Heart Acrylic Stamps, 5) 9 1/2 inches of cut ribbon---I'm using red grosgrain ribbon,
and the 6) Finished Tags

Close To My Heart acrylic stamp, one of the designs which I used to create these tags.
Your acrylic stamps come in these nifty little organizer case which is see thru and flat.

Editor's Note: Sorry, but this "Romantic Backgrounds" stamp is no longer for sale.
You can use another of my Favorites, "Adorable" (#D1183)
which is a gorgeous and versatile Paisley print set!
See 1st Tag at top of page.

Close-up of the Acrylic stamp on the Acrylic handle.
Word to the wise, I only use acrylic stamps bc they are easy to store as they are flat
and come in their own little organizer pouch which is flat flat flat.
No more wooden stamps = way more space. :)

Here's how it's done.
Acrylic stamp "Thank You" on acrylic handle...stamping the tag.
Notice how you can see the Exact placement of your stamp on the tag. Love it !
Always get my stamp print exactly where I want it now.
I used "Black" Close To My Heart Exclusive Ink Stamp Pad.

Editor's Note: you can use this "Thank You" (#D1361) set for your choice of the word "Thank You".

Ta Dah!

Next, using one of the Acrylic CTMH stamps,
just stamp the bottom and the top of the so.
I used "Cocoa" Close To My Heart Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad.
This is one of my favorite all time colors to use.

Using another of your favorite Close To My Heart Acrylic stamps,
and the "Tulip" Close To My Heart Exclusive Inks stamp pad, just stamp the corners of the tag.
Place the stamp whichever way you'll always be right.
I like to do a little different angle on each tag bc it makes them each unique.
You're almost finished...isn't this simple?

Editor's note: oops, sorry this Butterflies stamp is no longer for sale. You can use another one of my Favs, "With Love" (#D1284) for the design on the corners. See 1st Tag at top of page. It's a lovely Asian inspired tag.

Next comes tying the ribbon to the end.
It's probably easier just to follow the photo.
Half the ribbon, pull the looped side thru the hole,
then pull the tails thru the loop and tug tight while holding onto it.

The finished "Thank You" tags. You can handwrite a personalized sentiment on the back.
On the front, you can stamp anything. Let your imagination run wild!
Have fun. :)

NOTE: I'm an Independent CTMH Consultant. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Your CTMH goodies will arrive directly at your doorstep. Isn't that neat? Crafting made simple...I Love that.


Everyday Moments said...

How fun! I love just let me get organized enough to focus on making them lol. Thanks for the awesome inspiration :).

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Thanks Jen! Yes, these are super EZ to make and so much fun. Even kids can help get into the action. Great Summer time art project. :)

Lynne said...

Okay, you're just killing me here! MUST you show all the "discontinued" stamps because, of course, those would be the ones I LOVE!! : ) Just kidding! I loved the tutorial! It was truly inspiring because you made it seem so easy! Thank you for taking the time to break it all down for us! And congrats on the shout out on Etsy Storque! I'm so excited for you as your business really seems to be taking off!!! We still miss you though! ; )

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

I knew this would make you scream out in pain Goto! :) First I thought, I would just ditch this bc of the discontinued stamps. But then, I thought, Ok, I can have Goto scream in agony and have my first tutorial...just give alternative stamps to use. Two Snaps! :)


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