Monday, June 15, 2009

Quirk Number One...In Answer to the Question "What do I do all Day?"

My All Time Fav Marathon Movie

A friend recently asked me, "Stacy, what is your typical day like?" I said "it changes everday as I'm not one to stick to a routine." But, I was thinking of this question last night as I was watching "Stranger than Fiction" for the umpteenth time that day and I thought, OMG this is kinda weird.

Here's a Quirk of mine...I will watch 1 DVD over and over and over again straight during the day. Ok, I said it. It's out. Does anyone else do this? Or, am I freak of entertainment nature?

Saw this movie at the neighborhood theater by myself.
It was Highly recommended by the Ticket Lady.
Now, I'm highly recommending that you go out and Get It.

What do you mean, you watch a DVD over and over and over again?

That's what I do. I don't listen to music at home. I tried to about a month ago. It was alright. I popped in some oldies but goodies in my dusty CD player like Sheryl Crow, The Cure, English Beat, Matchbox 20....I tried cooking to music and it was good while it lasted. Like right now, as I sit here and tap tap tap away on this keyboard, there is nothing turned on in my house and I only hear the minah birds, the doves, and those little green birds talking to each other from the mango trees next door. Apple doesn't get any profits from me as I've never downloaded anything from ITunes.

The "I Know I Have this One But Where the Hell Is it?" DVD
It's in my house somewhere but now MIA

But, I do have a specific collection of DVDs. My number one rule for buying a DVD....I only buy DVDs for movies that I've already watched and want to watch in my daily DVD marathon sessions. Other DVDs in my collection, I have received from my relatives who love to burn DVDs...many of these I never saw in the theater before but after watching the DVD it made it into my collection.

My Personal DVD collection breaks down to Chick Flicks....light romance, comedy. I have a few which are non-Chick flick but that is a rare bird to make it in my collection.

The "I Can't Believe It's Not In My Collection" DVD
Gotta get this one

What's made it to personal DVD collection you ask?

Off the top, I have "You've Got Mail", "Bottle Shock", "A Good Year", "While You Were Sleeping", "Devil Wears Prada", "Return to Me", "Under the Tuscan Sun", "Bridget Jones" both 1 & 2, "Must Love Dogs", "Emma", "Wedding Planner", "27 Dresses", "PS I Love You", "The Holiday" get the picture.

The non-chicky flics that has made it, and one of my all time favs is "Ironman". God, I love that Robert Downey, Jr. I'm so glad that he's "clean" and hopefully "sober". I can't wait for his next Ironman film to be released.

"Ironman" out and get it...Now!

What do you mean "Daily Marathon Session?" It's just like on cable TV, where they play the same movie like several times. Well, I do this when I'm creating. I look at my collection, "feel" what Mood I'm in, then pick out a DVD to match it. Like somedays, I'm in the mood for "A Good Year", another day it could be "Under the Tuscan Sun". When I'm in doubt, and just wanna feel good, I'll pop in my all time "feel good" movie..."You've Got Mail".

Then, I'll turn on my AC, turn on the DVD, and Listen/Watch it all day long while I create my Jewelry or some other art form . I'll just keep replaying it when it gets to the credits.

One of the ONLY DVDs that I bought without First Watching the Movie
Initially, I thought I made a Big Mistake.
But later, it was a welcome addition to my collection.

As I'm working, I'll glance up at the tv screen every so often. Most of the time it's just the dialogue that I'm listening to. I can't say that I've remembered all the lines, bc I haven't. But I do recall certain specific lines. My DVDs are llike you listening to your IPOD.

Perhaps it's to Hear Someone Talk during the day since when I'm creating I'm like a bear in her cave. And I can stay in this "cave" for a longgggg time.

This weekend's Marathon Movie
Played it from Friday to Sunday
Click on DVD and enter the Movies Site...Pretty neat

My Latest Find is something I found at my local supermarkets. It's the next best thing to Net Flix. In the front of the market by the cashiers, they have these vending machines which dole out DVDs for only $1! You pay using your credit card and they send you a receipt via your email. You just have to return it the next day by 7pm. This makes for perfect Marathon Movie material. I've rented "Bride Wars", "Bolt", "Twilight", "Quantam of Solace"... And this thing has caught on bc now when I go to this little machine, there's other people in line. Who can pass up a Current Movie for $1?

DVD that I have to pick-up at Costco or Amazon

So that's Quirk No. 1 of mine. What's your quirk? Or am I the only quirky one....who's willing to reveal her quirk?

Fun on the DVD pics to enter that movies' website or See Movie Trailer.


Anonymous said...

I liked Love Actually. I hated that Will Farrell one. He doesn't do well in a serious role.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

I liked how "strange" the plot was and I thought Will was pretty endearing when he was "quiet" and not jumping up and down like a cheerleader (which I LoVe). Ahhh, well he was "shouting" out at Emma Thompson who was typing out his fate....Wondering if I should Pay to watch his new crazy movie Land of the Lost or wait til it show up in the supermarket kiosk machine.

Claire said...

Oh my gosh -- the movies you featured here are movies that I like a lot, too!

Grace said...

Of course we are blogging buddies -- Stranger than Fiction is my favorite movie. I have watched it a gazillion times, and my favorite line is when he gives "flours" :)

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Yayy, I'm glad there are more gals out there who love the same movies as I do. :) Makes me feel so "connected" to you all.

Grace, I thought the "flours" was soooo cute! How could she not let him walk her home. The "I only thought up to the flours part" line was so cute. I guess lucky for him he started hearing "voices" bc it changed his life. :)

Anonymous said...

OK that's a little strange. I can't listen to that much music, however, so I listen to NPR. Podcasts are awesome (and free!). check it out.

VerĂ£o said...

I love Stranger Than Fiction and Love Actually! I also have my very own DVD of Amelie! I watched it in the cinema and I instantly fell in love with the color and the innocence of the movie. Another DVD I own is "Music From Another Room". Jude Law's in it! (I can say I have been crushing him since the 90's!). Even if he supposedly hated this film, I loved it. A chunky Jeremy Piven in pre- Ari Gold pomp was here too, with a hilarious Jennifer Tilly.If you get to see it, do tell me what you think!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Hey Bri, I'll try listening to NPR again. I actually like listening to their talk shows. Gotta set up my speakers so I can actually "hear" from the other side of the room!

Hi Pinky! Just checked out the link you left (thanks :) ) for Music from Another Room. I do recall seeing part of that movie on tv...I recall the scene where he's delivering a cake or something and hits the car door. I really enjoy watching Piven more now bc of Entourage. I will definitely check out this movie. Thanks for the tip! :)


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