Monday, June 22, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Nature "Stamped" Cards

Today, we're going to learn how to stamp using these simple materials:
1) acrylic paint
2) paint brushes
3) water in a dish (to clean brushes)
4) paper towels
5) used paper or envelopes
6) Blank card & envelope
7) leaves, flowers...whatever you find in your yard (or neighbor's yard when they're not looking)
All things you can find around your home.

Lavender leaves...interesting shapes and kinda sturdy

Ferns...great to use bc they're very sturdy

Jimmy chose these leaves to create with

My loveable assistant Jimmy brushing acrylic paint onto the leaf.
Just use the paint "straight" without adding water
so it'll be thick and leave a good impression.
Place leaf, paint side down, on your card....where ever you want to "stamp".

Using paper or envelopes that are in your trash (or recycle bin), place it over the
leaf and rub lightly over the help transfer paint to paper while keeping your hands free of paint.

Lift up leaf and voila! A pretty imprint of the leaf.

Then, start overlapping the leaves to create an interesting design.

You can also "stamp" different colors over each other...another
layering technique.

Ta Dah!

Our paint station for the day.

Okay, my fingers got a bit "dirty" when I was loading up the
leaves with acrylic paint.
Wash your hand under water and rub and the paint comes off.

Our Cards and Matching Envelopes.
Ready for Father's Day.
Lucky dads. :)

The Nature Stamped Cards and Envelopes

I've been wanting to photojournal this art project for awhile. It's very simple to do and Easy to clean up. Just water and towels for clean-up. Other stamp design material: try flowers, feathers, cut apple or other fruit, cut sponges, whatever you got around your house.

This is a great Summer Art Project for your kids. Your kids will love this. They can even do hand prints on the cards! Send the cards with a handwritten note off to their grandparents and aunts and uncles just to say "Hi!" Create several Birthday cards and have them ready for all those kiddie birthday parties this summer.

Great project for both adults and kids's good for the soul. ♥

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