Monday, June 22, 2009

The Misadventures of it AgaiN!

Ms. Tobey was up to trouble again today.
Getting into places she knows is off limits
like Joon's artful Valentine creation made especially for moi.

Little does she know that I'm documenting everything so I have proof.
She always denies flying in the "no no" territories in our house.
Her latest thing is to gravitate towards my door
filled with my friends" and customers'
cards to me
and then she takes a nibble on them!

She's so in her Zone that she either doesn't know I'm there
she just doesn't give a damn.

I think it's definitely the latter. She's so spoiled...

"Hey Tobey, you better stop! Stop! Right now!"

The Little Queen only now figured out that she's going to get Time Out...again.

And before I knew it, she was gone in a FlaSh!

Do you like this "Ghost" effect?
She's so fast that the camera barely caught her before she took flight.

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Lynne said...

"I'm a Reader of Stacy's Thoughts & Designs 88" is kind of long. Can't I just say, "Hey Stac!"? Or maybe, just "Yo". Just kidding! Thank you for making that bracelet I've been eyeing even more enticing! Won't even tell you what AC said about the bird! : )

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

I do recall the story AC said about the bird she had awhile back....something about not knowing the bird had to take a bath! I'd like the phone number for the Humane Society please...

joon said...

Stace, this is too cute! I love your discount idea for your blog readers. I hope you'll do it again in the fall. I will do it, too.

As for Tobey, one of our kitties, Ginny Weasley, nibbles on card stock/photo grade paper ONLY. It kills us. And she is sneaky. So, being an artist ~ a paper artist ~ in this house is a tad bit challenging with her. I have to make sure I hide every created bookmark and notebook and pocket and you get the drift...

But we love them....



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