Friday, June 26, 2009

Delicious & Juicy White Nectarines On Sale Now

Yummy Yummy for Your TuMmY!
White Nectarines

These Yummy sweet and juicy White Nectarines must be in season now bc they are so Delish! We went 3x to Foodland to buy more and more and more of these this week. Yesterday, I bought 8 of these and have left them out near the window to ripen and slightly soften. Then, I'll put them in my green foodsaver bags and place them to get nice and cold in our fridge's fruit bin.

What are you still sitting here for? Go jump in your car or run down the street to Foodland and buy them now while they still have this batch left.

My 1st Chomp...chomp, chomp, chomp...Gone! :)

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