Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun and Fancy Free Fabric Rosette Cuff Bracelets


I love flowers and fabric. I have a large collection of vintage fabric which I never seemed to figure out what to do with...until now. I was inspired by other artistans and their fabric rosette jewelry. Wanting to use my vintage fabric and make rosettes jewelry also, I did it but with my own twist. This was the perfect new line of jewelry for my new Etsy shop "Lilikoi Cottage". It's fun, cheerful, eclectic, romantically vintage, a bit crazy with color and trims, and will definitely put a smile on your face. These bracelets are not for the faint of heart. I created this line for the Woman who knows who she is, believes that life is what she makes of it, and wants life to be positive and fun filled.

You'll find a variety of vintage fabric ranging from American cotton to Japanese Kimono. Vintage trims consisting of Ric Rac, ribbons, buttons, trim, and beads will be used. I have super pretty trim from Paris that I have stored away that I will be using.

My Secret Life on the Paris Streets
Fabric Rosette Cuff Bracelet


The Geisha Girl
Featured on Etsy's Front Page on Sunday 5/24/09

My Secret Life as a Vampire

Please stop by my shop, "Lilikoi Cottage" for more Cottage Chic jewelry, accessories, vintage finds, and knick knacks.

UPDATE on November 6, 2009: here is a new post on my new Vintage Fabric Rosette Hairbands and Hairpins...check it out HERE Hope this helps inspire you with your fabric rosette crafts.

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Grace said...

These are so sweet and whimsical! I think lilikoi cottage is a wonderful name for the creations as well. Now you have me thinking about some Lilikoi Hawaiian Sun!

Anonymous said...

I really love these! I think that the second one is my favorite by far.

Hugs said...

I found your blog as I was scouring the internet for fabric roses and wrist cuff tutorials. Your work is just lovely. Feel free to stop by and visit me anytime....


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