Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Vintage Fabric Rosette Headbands and Hairpins in My Lilikoi Cottage Shop on Etsy

My New Vintage Lemon Drops Hairband
Click Here

My New Vintage Orange Creamsicle Hairband
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My New Vintage Undeniable Hairband
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My New Vintage Innocence Hairband
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My New Vintage Sage Dreams Hair pins
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My New Vintage Green Grass Hair Pins
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Recently, I was at a local Xmas Craft and Bazaar at our Japanese Cultural Center. It's called Trash And Treasure and it's put on by Temari. They had real terrific vintage items for sale. I came across a box full of vintage fabric swatches. I filled a bag with all the fabric swatches and wondered what I was going to do with all of this fabric. I have this "thing" for vintage fabric. I'm not really into sewing but something just draws me to the's designs, colors, and feel.

When I got home and stared at this bag of vintage wonderfulness, it dawned on me that I could make more vintage fabric rosettes. The idea to turn them into headbands and hairpins popped into my head. Bing! And then I got to creating. I have so many different swatches to choose from and they're all so cute and vintagey! I'm in vintage heaven.

Visit my Etsy shop Lilikoi Cottage to pick up your headband and hairpin set. These are so pretty to wear and will change your most simplest outfit into something fab!


Lynne said...

Okay, I'm not even going to comment on how many times you called something "My New Vintage (fill in the blank) Hairband" :) I'm just going to wish you a very happy (albeit belated) Birthday!!! Hope you had a faBuLous one!!! Wishing you all the best!!! :)

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

OMG, until you pointed it out, I didn't even realize it. Oh well... :)

Hugs said...

Please keep on saying "vintage and romantic". Those are two of my favorite words and they helped me find your blog. (smile)

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

I will definitely continue to do that. Those are some of my favorite words also. ♥♥

kimbuktu said...

Very cute Stacy!


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