Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brad Pitt Homes on the Hurricane Katrina New Orleans City Tour

Welcome Earthlings to New Orleans!
Our arrival into the New Orleans airport. We were greeted by 2 Lego Star Wars buffs.

Heading out on our Hurricane Katrina City Tour
This was an excellent tour of New Orleans ("NO" as the locals refer to their home)
and the devastation and resurrection of the outer areas of NO that got hit by Hurricane Katrina
Learn more about Hurricane Katrina HERE.

Duane and Sarah

In the 9th Ward, we visited a once inhabited neighborhood
that is now only a field of green grass with few homes here and there

One of the most interesting parts of the tour was seeing all the Brad Pitt homes. Thru his non-profit organization, Pitt helps families in the 9th Ward rebuild using the most hi-tech materials.
Read More about Pitt's homes Here.

Another of the Pitt homes.
They all appear very Mod and not blend in well with the NO style.
But, hey, it's a mod house with mod features and they are being built for the families.
So, can't complain about that.

Another house being built in that same neighborhood.

And another...

This one was so pretty.
Another Brad Pitt house.

Here's the new wall built after Hurricane Katrina.

A mod Children's Playground ala Brad Pitt.


Hugs said...

This subject is near to my heart. My husband was born and raised in New Orleans. Although he left there after High School many, many years ago to pursue a career in California and now Texas, the family home that he grew up in was destroyed in the Hurricane. It is sad when we go back there to visit because that home was in his family for generations and now its gone.

I'm glad to see that Brad Pitt is taking on the task of rebuilding when no one else has. Although the new homes are more modern and lack the beauty, integrity and structural stylings of the old homes...for those who lost homes, I am sure they are thankful and it is better than no home at all.

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

The people of NO were soooo friendly everywhere we went. We really enjoyed our stay there. The food was fantastic, the sites were incredible, the weather was terrific. The people of NO have definitely bounced back from their tragedy and are very grateful for the help of the people of the nation. Remarkable.

Bri said...

Well at least he's got style!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

I know, I really like the mod "look" of the homes. green with envy... :)


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