Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Julie and Julia" Theme Dinner Party

Homage to Julia Child Hawaii style

Sorta like Lays potato chip, Can't eat just one.

Electa's Ratatouille
My favorite.

Electa's Paelle
Her own secret recipe. Delish!

Yummy Cheese Fruit Spread

Can you taste it? I'm like the Pavlov dogs...I'm salivating.
Yes, it was that good. I had 3. Eek!
I was glowing like the fluorescent "OPEN" sign in the front of the Liquor Store window.

Jimmy with his version of Julia's Vichyssoise Soup with Asparagus

Can you smell the goodness?

Diane's French style Salad...Yummmy!

This is one Delicious Cake!

Reni (in pink) and her pal Sasha

Last month, Jimmy and I were fortunate to be invited to another one of my BFF Laurie's Dinner shindigs. But this time with a real theme....Julie and Julia movie. We had to create a dish from Julia Child's cookbook.

Food...we had too much wonderful goodness to choose from. From the Lychee martinis, the Wine overflowing, to the cheese spread, to the Bruschetta with local tomatoes, to the Beef Beef Bourguignon, to the Vichyssoise Soup, to Paelle (not Julia's recipe but who cares), Ratatouille (not Julia's recipe but to die for), the French Salad, and the OMG Chocolate Cake. I was stuffed. We were Stuffed. Who cares! We were loving it.

Okay Laurie, When's the next party?


Everyday Moments said...

What an eclectic mix of makes me want to cook tonight lol. I loved all the photos you shared!

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

Thanks! We had a blast. Wonder what our next theme dinner party will be?

Anonymous said...

Hi Stacy! I'm a writer for and we're doing a story on Oscar theme parties. Wonder if you or your friend would be willing to give our readers some tips on how to host a Julie and Julia themed one? Please email me at at your earliest convenience. Thanks!

kimbuktu said...

Ubercool Stacy!


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