Monday, October 12, 2009

In Memoriam of Mocha & Mochi...A Gift for Emma

A Memory Charm Necklace designed especially for Emma...
an Old Soul at Heart

"M & M" stands for Mocha & Mochi
Emma's 2 pet rats who recently passed away about 2 months apart
That's a lot for a kid to take don't you think?

A Heart Shaped Glass Vial containing the Ashes of Mocha

A Silver Toned Angel's Wing
symbolizing that they are
in Heaven

Emma's into Goth so I placed her Charm Necklace in
a drawstring pouch in her favorite color...

(Note the pretty tin can in background, house Mocha's ashes in a plastic ziplock type bag )

A pretty gift for Emma

My GF's daughter Emma's 2 pet rats Mocha & Mochi passed away recently about 2 months apart. Mocha's little body was cremated and the mortuary placed them in a plastic bag and then into a pretty tin can which they placed into a pretty velvet bag with wording embroidered on front. Emma carries the velvet bag with the ashes tied to a stuffed white rat doll around in her back pack.

When I heard about her 2 pets passing and the ashes and her carrying them all around with her, I immediately thought about placing Some of the ashes into a glass vial for her so she could wear around her neck. After receiving the precious tin with ashes, I filled the tiny glass vial with a small portion of Mocha's ashes. I had to use a plastic spoon. My tinfoil funnel idea did not work. Ashes are gritty and dusty.

I decided that an angel's wing charm would be so appropriate as well as a little Fresh Water Pearl to symbolize purity and enlightenment. On a Sterling Silver Heart charm, I stamped the initials "M & M" for Mocha and Mochi.

All of this, I placed onto a Sterling Silver chain with a Sterling Silver Lobster clasp and Tab with Fresh Water Pearls at the back.

Emma's favorite colors are Black & White which is an interesting choice of fav colors for one so young but I heard she just decided her thing would be "goth" for a bit. So I placed her Memory Charm necklace in a Black pouch and then into a lauhala gift box which I then decorated. I wrote a little sentiment in a hand made gift card which I tied to the top.

Upon opening the gift, Emma called me and thanked me and said she really liked it. I was so glad. Now, she can wear a bit of Mocha and remember her 2 pets everyday when she wears this Memory Charm necklace. Just a little something to ease the pain of her pets' passing. I know it took me awhile to recover after my pet pooch passed away. While they are not here, they are never far away.

In Memoriam...


Jean said...

Oh, that is sooo nice. Emma's so lucky to have you Aunty Stacy!

Elizabeth said...

Emma was very touched by the thought that she could even have the ashes with her all the time. Aunty Stacy has the best ideas! So upon the arrival of her Aunty Stacy she was very anxious to hand over the precious tin of ashes. "Where is she?" Emma kept asking. Finally she arrived and Emma lovingly handed them over. When the finished product was returned to her she had a very heartfelt sigh of relief that the ashes made it home. And now she can proudly wear the beautifully created necklace of memories that will always remind her of the love she has for her little white rats. Her "Best Friends"

Stacy's Designs 88 said...

I just LoVed creating this precious piece. It meant a lot to me to do it. I'm so glad that Emma will cherish this and wear this around her neck. I LoVe it when my jewelry is worn and LoVed. :)


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