Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Gotta Crow----Courtney Cobain...aka Courtney Love..Bought these Earrings from My Shop

Early this week, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Courtney Love aka Courtney Cobain purchased from my Etsy shop Stacy's Designs 88 my wire wrapped extravaganza pair of earrings called "Bollywood Extra Large Gold Filled Hoops with Labradorite and Quartz Earrings". Courtney is a known avid Etsy patron. Thank you Courtney!

She purchased one of my newer earrings which is intensely (for me) wire wrapped using gold filled wire to create the hoop and then to enhance it with decor and gold filled beads and Labradorite gemstones. I did an intricate wire pattern and strung light gray Quartz gem stones.

Just wanted to share this bc I was totally amazed and happily honored. Courtney has such an eclectic style and is always way ahead of trends and even starts trends. All I can say is "Wow".

Thank you Courtney!

I'm currently working on a silver pendant version of this earring. Also, will start doing more wirework pieces since it allows me to express myself thru the different designs and shapes that I can create with sterling silver and gold filled wire.

Please feel free to stop by my shop Stacy's Designs 88.

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