Monday, August 3, 2015

Be Kind to Yourself ~ Today and Everyday

Be Kind to Yourself.
Treat Yourself as you would your Best Friend...
Because, You ARE Your Best Friend.
As We All Are. ( :

Sleep a little earlier and rise a little later
Join that Exercise Class you've had your eye on
Instead of thinking about organic, Go Out and Buy Organic
Get a Manicure, Pedicure, a Massage
Say Kind Words in the Morning when you Awaken
Say Kind Words when you criticize yourself
Hold your Own Hand and be Compassionate
Speak Your Truth...instead of biting your tongue
Eat some ice cream
Pat yourself on Your Back

Rekindle that Friendship with Yourself Again
Don't wait until some other day
Today is THEE Day
And EveryDay After That...
Say "Hello" to You and pour yourself a cup of tea and...
Embrace You Again
Get to Know You Again
Say Nice Things to You Again
BeFriend You Again

And watch Your Life Unfold
Into Miraculous Directions
That Were Beyond Your Wildest Expectations
Yes, YOU Will Shock You...
In a Super Positive Loving Way

Peace out fellow "Yes, I'm My Best Friend" friends...Peace Out.

Stacy Cheng Suzuki
Life Coach & Reiki Energy Practitioner
My website:

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